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comment by kleinbl00
kleinbl00  ·  34 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: These moments totally happened at the GOP primary debate

Speaking as someone who voted for Clinton? Clinton is the Nixon of the left. She's eminently qualified. She's well-connected. But she's never cultivated trustworthiness or an open appeal to her enemies.

Hilary Clinton has never had much use for people who disagree with her, and she's never felt much need to explain herself to people who don't already get it. Her politics and mine mostly align (mostly) but I'd read the fine print on anything she did because she's a fine print kinda girl.

I think Hilary Clinton is a gifted political operative, but gifted political operatives aren't necessarily electable. They can't be much of the time. Consider how much the Left hates Kissinger, and then consider just how big of a hand-shaped welt Kissinger has left on the ass of history - that dude knew he could accomplish more by not being accountable to voters so he never ran for any elected office.

Hilary won a Senate seat so obviously she's no Kissinger. But I think she's got a little too much Nixon for this political era.

The thing about Biden is he inherited a tabula rasa federal government; the Trump administration cleaned house so thoroughly, on purpose and by accident, that the quiet coersion of conventional government has been borderline revolutionary behind the scenes. My perspective is that Biden is exactly the distraction the Republicans need to keep them from drawing attention to the massive economic and judicial reforms the Democrats are sneaking in during the dead of night.

Government should be boring. Biden is boring. I'm ready to be bored, global warming notwithstanding.