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comment by kleinbl00

I think it's a "young despot" vs. "old despot" situation - Duterte grew up under the Marshall Plan, Bukele grew up under the New World Order. Duterte grew up playing stickball, Bukele grew up playing video games. Bukele strikes me as an off-brand MBS - he grew up on the path to power and flashed a few "reform" gang signs in order to differentiate himself from the rest of the cronies.

Anyone who thinks "fuck yeah Bitcoin" is an economic policy isn't playing the game as if they mean it.

    I think Duterte is more of an opportunist. Drug users and dealers were an attractive victim for his populism.

...yet MS-13 isn't?

cgod  ·  285 days ago  ·  link  ·  

MS-13 is a real problem for El Salvador, I don't' think any gang in the Philippines was a seriously challenging government power.