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comment by kleinbl00
kleinbl00  ·  221 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: Pubski: April 26, 2023

Tuesday morning

Tuesday evening

Wednesday evening

Thursday evening


See this whole shitpile?

It worked. The first time.

It's controlled by this whole shitpile.

It also worked. The first time.

I really wish there was someone to be proud of me.

necroptosis  ·  221 days ago  ·  link  ·  

I don't fully understand what I am looking at but it looks like it takes an incredible amount of hard work, skill, and attention to detail. I would wager that it working the first time was very much due to your high ability. I don't think I would be overstepping to say that hubski is quite proud of you.

kleinbl00  ·  221 days ago  ·  link  ·  

you're not supposed to.

That little two-day box allows me to take one multipin from one ECM, another multipin from another ECM, and spit it out to a 3-way switch and two spindle controllers. It fundamentally allows me to control and instrument an $80k tenth-of-a-micron runout 20,000 RPM tool changer spindle OR a $2k micron-runout 50,000 RPM tool changer spindle. Or, by setting it to "zero" allows me to ignore both and run a servo as a drag knife instead. This will make the device unique in the world.

Got a buddy. He wanted a 5-years-newer version of the machine I'm starting with so he wrote a $250k check. Got a skycrane to pluck a machine tool out of an 8th floor physics lab, a trailer to haul it to North Carolina to be rebuilt piece by piece, and then shipped to him in California. Me? I'm ordering voltage converters off Amazon, six for $10. My seller tried to ship a 500lb CNC mill in a cardboard box. It spent 6 weeks in the North Atlantic because Ever Given. In a way I lucked out; when I signed the shipping contract I paid $2200 (and another $400 to replace the cardboard box - I have a phat pile of ISPM-15 wood that I use for cobbling shit). By the time the thing landed in the USA the quote had gone to $10k.

In the land of normie CNC design you would put all this shit on terminal strips (as seen along the upper edge of the servo shot). I put the high voltage on terminal strips because anything else would be deeply irresponsible. Control? Control I put on d-subs because I don't have the walk-in-closet-sized space usually dedicated to this stuff. I have about as much room as a dorm fridge.

Seven DB9s, a DB15, four DB25s, three HX12-6s and an HX12-4 control fifteen pneumatic solenoids and two high voltage spindles. The rock'n'roll shit - the actual axes on this beastie, as well as the tool changer - is a lot more plug'n'pray. Once all the hardware is connected I just need to configure it in

- ECLink

- SigmaWin

- Mach4

- CamWorks

...and I can cut.

Note that because of the versatility of the setup the machine will have to be configured several times because, depending on what I turn on, what I turn off, what I connect and how I connect it, the machine can be:

- a 3-axis 20krpm mill with tool changer

- a 3-axis 50k rpm mill

- a 3-axis tangential knife

- a 4-axis 20krpm mill with tool changer

- a 4-axis 50krpm mill

- a 4-axis tangential knife (note that this device does not currently exist)

- a 5-axis 20krpm mill with tool changer

- a 5-axis 50krpm mill

- a 5-axis tangential knife (note that this device does not currently exist)

- a mill-turn

- a mill-turn tangential knife (note that this device does not currently exist)

...which is a configuration in Mach 4 and CamWorks each time. For purposes of programming, it's gonna show up as eleven different devices. Maybe 12; I haven't really wrapped my head around the wheel hobbing yet.

I have two or three contemporaries in the same boat. They're at "if I can't make my 25-year-old Heidenhain controller do it, I'm not doing it."

Granted, they're actually making watches

If it works? It's gonna be fearsome. It will be the equivalent of a $500k machine. But there are




for it to not work still.