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comment by kleinbl00
kleinbl00  ·  667 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: Listening To Blade Runner

CS-80s are like something alive because they've got layers and layers and layers of circuitboards in a tightly-enclosed space and they take about 20min to warm up. If you move them, you may have minutely bumped some of those circuitboards and will need to retune the whole thing. Taking one on tour was like taking a harpsichord on tour - the CS-80 needed its own tech. I got to play Stevie Wonder's at NAMM one year and it has a lot more in common, viscerally, with an organ than it does with a synth.

Shown here is a CS-70m, basically 1/8th of a CS-80 and much more readily available on the market. I've seen a CS-80 for sale exactly twice - I almost bought one off of cEvin kEy of Skinny Puppy back in the late '90s for $800 but in the end, couldn't justify putting that much on a credit card as a student. The choice haunts me to this day. The other time was when I stumbled across the old auction pages blowing out Frank Zappa's gear... two years after the fact. he had two of them for $400.

When they've got Vangelis talking about playing, it's worth noting that he's mostly diddling around on a PPG Wave, which was pretty much the world's first commercially available digital synth... so effectively the opposite of the CS-80.

Finally, the recordings Vangelis used to score Blade Runner were tied up in litigation for more than ten years. If you wanted to listen to the Blade Runner Soundtrack, you got to hear an instrumentation by the "New American Orchestra."

The first time we heard Legit Vangelis was prolly '92. The CD was six months out but the music store in Santa Fe had an advance copy. I bought it immediately. Probably the first thing I ever prepaid.

I used to tune club sound systems with this track. A proper system will shake the ashtrays off the counters.

We drove to Dallas to see the Director's Cut. Twelve hours each way.

coffeesp00ns  ·  666 days ago  ·  link  ·  

    Taking one on tour was like taking a harpsichord on tour

I had a visceral, cringing reaction to this. Ugghhhhh. Worse than Harps!

It blows my mind that people like Mozart needed to bring their own keyboard places for performances - gotta hire a few dudes, have them negotiate it down some stairwells and carry it out through an Austrian winter evening so you can go play at some rich schmuck's party.

On the plus side at least the legs were a separate feature and you could just follow behind the harpsichord dudes, carrying your fold-up fortepiano legs. And your music. And also probably everyone elses' music because you just finished writing the piece.

kleinbl00  ·  666 days ago  ·  link  ·  

We had a day at the club once where we had World Party (and two openers) in the afternoon and Fish (from Marillion - with two openers) in the evening. World Party insisted on an 8' grand.

For one song.

So we had to get that fucker up on stage, tuned, and mic'd for one fucking song, then get it down and out the door before we could load in a fuckin' 28-input band.

And two openers.

In the world, there are dilettantes. It was super-gratifying to see that half-empty room and it's never gratifying to see a half-empty room.