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comment by snoodog
snoodog  ·  1372 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: Why millennials are becoming proud plant parents

Probably around $150 the light was the expensive part.

$70 for a light T5 Ho 4' lights 4 Total

$15 for a pump

$5 for the air stones

$20 for PH down and 1 Part nutrient solution

$5 for PH litmus paper

$15 for the plastic tray from Ikea

$10 for the sheet of 2" foam, 1" would have worked better

$10 for a 50 pack of grow plugs

$3 seeds

The light stand I made out of left over Al extrusion from the 3D printer project I never finished.

As of yesterday that's only $75 per lettuce not including energy costs (figure heat in the winter doeskin count).

elizabeth Buttercrunch Lettuce. Need a verity that doesn't grow very tall and can tolerate warm weather w/o being bitter.