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Might be a weight thing as well the patty has a 1/4lb wet weight I think and the grocery sells em for 10 bux for 2. The beef is closer to 1/2lb pattys

1.0 actually tastes ok, but too expensive something like 20$/lb good ground beef for burgers is $3-5. If they bring the costs down it could be viable

Brave does a better job with scripts than most browsers but I think it’s mostly security through obscurity effect. Pi hole is probably the best thing for most home consumers.

The internet of today is so bloated with ads tracking and scripts that it’s equivalent of a porn site a decade ago. Every mainstream site has so much crap that’s you need multiple layers of blocking to get a decent experience.

AD blockers are so common now that many sites use tricks to bypass them so you really need to go to the next level and stay a step ahead of the average joe

This reads like 10-15 years ago. These days ad blockers aren’t enough you need a better browser and probably blocking at the router level

Probably not the first, the tech has been out there for a while so likely someone has done this before for private clients in a private lab. Same with human cloning. If you are rich enough to do this you don’t go blabbering to the media about it and you pay everyone to stay quiet for many years

Yeah but who? There are no viable candidates that’s his problem

That’s exactly what we need to figure out, certain cities may need to be abandoned and practices that drain aquifers need to stopped. Thats the kind of forward thinking that can help mitigate some of the impacts for future generations. Essentially you need a comprehensive plan on dealing with the impact of climate change. You can’t stop Contries from polluting but you can invest in technology and infrastructure that will mitigate some of the impact. It’s not a perfect solution but it’s better than the current plans of pissing into the wind through tiny reduction efforts.

Probably need to build up infrastructure like sea walls in areas that can be saved. Update flood prevention systems and dams, storm surge areas. Fund programs to breed seeds that are more heat tolerant. Model where future rains are going to occur and figure out how to manage, and store the water.

There are likely opportunities to terraform areas to level off temperature swings.

Ocean research is critical as well. They are getting f-up and we don’t understand them well at all. We need to collect dna for bio specimens that we can restore later when technology allows it.

Those things are a much better use of money than Current carbon reduction efforts.

It’s already too late, we probably would have had to start to curb greenhouse emissions in the 80s or earlier to get where we would have needed to be today. At this point climate change has happened we need to work on dealing with the consequences and effects as they happen and affect our citizens.

The worlds major polluters aren’t curbing emissions fast enough to make anything the rest of us do matter significantly. Classic Tragedy of the commons type problem

There are a lot of missions where US troops are training up local militias and friendly forces. We’re not really officially deployed there so if someone gets shot and shoots back it creates an incident. I’ve heard some stories from people ive casually had beers with of those going bad and not being able to shoot back at the hostile.

The border patrol mission would likely be too political to allow for an incident to occur.

It’s not just the UN in Africa

It wouldn’t be a terrible deployment to go on. You are state side, and you won’t be killing civilians or aiding terrible dictators. Probably just marking targets and building out fencing. No worse than training. The only thing that would really suck is that rules of engagement would most likely not allow you to shoot back at any cartels that might be shooting at you, but that’s not new there are a lot of shitholes in Africa where that happens. Doubt you would have anything to do with actual migrants at worst you might have to escort an agent in to do the arrests and paperwork

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