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Ha kotaku... as a source for anything... they couldn’t even figure out video game reporting where all you have to do is publish press releases and not be a jerk. This is all just a rant about how she went to a bar and “those people” who she thought well lesser and undeserving dared to speak to her. Cry me river...

Only problem I’ve had was the anniversary update was shitty almost bricked my os and made my computer unable to recongnize an old hard drive but yeah... minor issues

    whereas the 1960s saw a freeing up of attitudes towards sex, pushing at boundaries, this counter-swing is turning sexual freedom into sexual fear, and nearly all sexual opportunities into a legalistic minefield.”

    “I am concerned that we are well on our way to demonising, if not criminalising, all male desire.” In other words, taken too far, the emerging sexual counter-revolution could put a chill on romance, relationships and marriage if sizable numbers of single men become afraid to initiate relationships with women

Basically as it becomes more and more dangers/risky men to ask women out and engage with them the number of men in relationships goes down. It’s going to take a long time for the societal expectations to catch up and have women being the expected initiators. Until that happens sex, marriage rates and birth rates will continue to decline

Soft infrastructure in all of Korea will get destroyed in the first couple hours with conventional weapons after that it will be a long painful slog. Even if you beat the north eventually the entirety of the south will lie in ruin.

Agreed the sooner it joins MySpace the better

There will be no 2nd Korean War. It would mean complete destruction of both Koreas, nither side wants that even if the west doesn’t give a damn about it

I’m assuming Remington was a zombie company propped up by an unusually hot gun market during the Obama years. Really it’s privately equity that killed them but they kill everything they touch. Also bankruptcy doesn’t mean actual shutdown, it means employees and debt holders get stiffed while private equity continues to loot for a few more cycles until everything valuable is sold off or destroyed

It’s true for some things, if you buy them in the right price range they basically don’t depreciate. I don’t know if it really applies to boots but I’m just hard on my foot ware

Clothing is decent, the underware is good fits a little better then ex-officio and the material isn’t shittified yet. The fire hose pants are pretty durabile, I found the fit isn’t super for long walks but good enough for working in. Prices are reasonable. As for shirts I really like unmarked cotton tees from uniqlo, cheaper then my gap ones and better quality

The bag is cheapish to make maybe 500-1k but the marketing and overhead gets distributed only over 5-10k units maybe less so that can add up quick. Maybe they make 5k profit a bag but they probably end up paying 10k in overhead/R&D/advertising

Second stage relight?

Did the booster land?

First you melt up then melt down

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