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comment by ButterflyEffect
ButterflyEffect  ·  1100 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: SEATTLE MEETUP IN 2016, BITCHEZ

Boooooooooo Hale's. Fremont Brewing or Outlander might be good spots, but neither have water views. Both are relatively quiet, though, Prost doesn't fit that bill but is cool too. Sunset Tavern almost certainly has a concert going on that night (which I'm normally up for) and same with Columbia City Theater...which I really need to explore Columbia City...

The Noble FIr in Ballard is pretty sweet too.

That's a solid list. Going to have to check out the places on it I haven't been to.

Disclaimer: I've only been here 6ish months and don't even live in Seattle (yet).

goobster  ·  1100 days ago  ·  link  ·  

Hale's has always been a big supporter of the local arts community, and of my old Circus, so they are still high on my list of "to patronize when I can".

Right. Night-time Saturday get-together. So that rules out the Sunset, which is usually a good spot. But the Columbia City Theater has the bar in front, and the venue in back, and good isolation between the two, generally. So it could work. But parking in CC might be a trick.

Noble Fir is another good one, but slightly too hipster for me. I prefer the classic feel of Hazlewood, and their incredible liquor collection. Plus it is owned by someone famous (I forget who), so it has nothing to prove. It's just itself.