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comment by swedishbadgergirl
swedishbadgergirl  ·  1323 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: The Internet is Swallowing Everything Up HELP WHAT SHOULD I DO

Please do letsplays. you can be the letsplayer procrastinating IB student everywhere deserves. I know you don't really like IB student culture, and I suppose fleeing the IB world is what everyone aims for. But isolating themselves out of equal parts elitism and desire to be unique is what IB students do.

IB students have their own memes for gods sake, and song parodies and tons of shit. At my school saying "Risktakers" (As in the buzzword filled IB profile) before doing something undeniably stupid is an inside joke. Or before starting you IOP way, way to late. Or not knowing what you are doing your WA on the morning of you meeting with the very competent, educated and wonderful teacher everyone fears dissapointing. Or just in general when you are bullshiting your ToK presentation.

(My friend didn't do her IOP for 3 months and tried to avoid this teacher best she could. When she talked to the other Swedish teacher (who is also wonderful) about it and she asked why she was avoiding her own teacher my friend said;

"I'm scared of her"

The other wonderful teachers response?

"You and me both, you and me both)

Also sorry but I really miss my IB friends right now. Sorry.

Also, this is why I write fanfiction! People read it. And give you advice/tons of praise. I need my praise. Tonnes of it.

Also Hubskina had never been done. Oh right. i dabbled in that genra of self-insert sarcastic... Unexplainableness. I am almost afraid of reading what I came up with. Of to do some regretting.