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comment by nowaypablo

Really? That's interesting I never gave Like Spinning Plates that much value, I'll pay more attention to it. I also didn't mean to say that this was the best song by any means, just seemed to me like the absolute peak depth of his craziness.

Cymbal rush is off the hook, check out the remix for that on the Eraser remixes. But if you want a drop, you know this is where to find it

veen  ·  2290 days ago  ·  link  ·  

theee raaaindroppssssss...

Like Spinning Plates has its origin in the backwards playing of I Will. The vocals of the track were also recorded by Thom trying to talk backwards and that tape being played backwards, which is why it sounds so weirdly fitting.

For me it's a really heavy / depressing track. Can't really explain it other than that it fits somewhere in my mind.