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thenewgreen  ·  338 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: Original song: Eternity Gardens

Wow. Just, wow. This is such a big song. This deserves to be heard. I have no badges. If I had badges this would get them.

Such honesty. Such a pretty vocal delivery too. I can really hear you in this. Your songs are always gorgeous but sometimes the vocals are so layered the individual lead vocal is not distinguishable. I hear you so well. I love that.

This is amazing work. You need to release an album. You’ve got the songs and they’re stunning. You were meant to make music. You are gifted. This is among my Doritos if yours.


Had to keep the original, but hopefully you realize I meant “this is one of my favorites of yours.”

Also, the lyrics man. Wow. Just wow. I’d love to see them printed there are spots I cant suss out.

I love this song.

We are all just “trying.” Thanks for this one. I connect hard core to it.

lil I think you’d dig this one.