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comments 0 - If you like non-pop country music, Sturgill Simpson is great.

I could see how it could spark some more enthusiasm to support the Democrats. I'm almost certain there will be a filibuster for this nomination, and the Republicans will make a HUGE deal out of it, like with the cabinet nominations. Hell, Republicans in the Senate literally changed the Senate rules to confirm Trump's cabinet positions during a Democrat boycott. The Republicans will definitely try to play any obstruction as horribly as they can to the public, but it seems to be the only real means of retaining any power.

This is just a mess.

As much as I would love for the Democrats to put the Republicans through hell for all the obstruction they did to Obama, I feel as if it would only make the Democrats look worse in the end.

This makes me wonder what would happen if pretty much all the federal employees necessary to get anything done decided to quit or not do their job anymore.

I remember watching a video (possibly a documentary or news program) that had people interviewed about the border fencing in the Brownsville, TX area who mostly all said that it was completely unnecessary and severed relations with Mexico. I would imagine that the people who don't have to live in states that border with Mexico (I'm from Texas) probably don't really realize just how unnecessary a literal wall even is.

Like what the article says, I would much prefer surveillance technology and manpower to a unnecessary giant block of concrete or whatever.

CLPPNG - clipping. WARNING: this contains very loud noises throughout, so be carefully going into it. It's noise/experimental rap. The group is called "clipping." for a good reason.

Self Titled - Oh Wonder Very chill electronic and pop duo, which contrasts very much from clipping.

I guess that giving some of the history behind the Chamber and why they are doing what they are doing, and specifically breaking down the Powell Memo and the meaning behind it would be similar to that. As well as breaking down one of the bills they lobbied for, and a testimony against the bill, which I go into detail about why the bill is bad. I'm not exactly sure if that counts.

Maybe I could add onto that by giving some narrative of someone who has been hurt by the very thing the bill would make harder to get compensation for, which is asbestos exposure. Although, I have other instances of lobbying I want to go into, since there are quite a few, and I want to make sure people realize the depth of the situation of lobbying as a whole. So going into one instance too much might just complicate the article too much.

Sounds like a fun way to test the flow, I'll be sure to try it.

Unfortunately, I'm pretty new to writing (outside of simple highschool and college essay stuff), and haven't taken any real classes on writing, so I'm not too used to using outlines and forget to 99% of the time. I need to make one and flesh it out, because it's getting hard to reread everything a lot to see what I've covered already.


This is quite interesting. I had no idea that there were so many people in America who are not religious. 52% is a pretty big number. This will probably affect the way religion in politics work in the future(or even now) now that the majority of the people in this category can now get involved in politics and vote. At the very least, religious beliefs won't be a driving force for getting elected, and more people can run(openly) who are not religious and not have to be afraid to lose simple because of their beliefs.

Republicans will definitely worry, since most of them are Christian, and a lot of them base their ideals off of their religious beliefs. If the majority of people voting aren't religious, that doesn't leave a very big platform for Republicans to stand on.

tutter  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Why I left Reddit

I almost now categorize reddit into the likes of 9gag, membase, iFunny, or something similar. Their mainstream content seems too similar, mostly content coming from default subreddits like r/AdviceAnimals and r/funny that is. It's very interesting that so many people on reddit will express their vehement hatred for places like that, but it's turning into exactly what they hate.