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Have you started that journal back up? :)

Less gendered clothing styles are definitely more popular!

But isn't it true that not typically feminine clothes still have to fit more feminine bodies? These are "masculine" outfits that could be worn by anyone, but if I were to take the exact articles from the backs of these men and tried to wear them, they wouldn't fit. I'm shorter, have narrower shoulders, and different hips.

So there's a user base who would like clothes like that, but there would still have to be a women's section (or a way to indicate what clothes would probably fit women-type-bodies) and a men's section, even if the styles were the same.

That's an excellent way to say it.

I like the idea, but male bodies and female bodies are shaped very differently. I like having the same style, but in terms of actual fit, this may not be feasible .


Wow.... That is so much fan engagement. Like, Those letters aren't a generic sentence. Wow.... How... Shes... OKAY I"M A FAN.

This quote tells us to step back and assess what exactly is causing suffering. I love it. Stoicism is kind of confusing to me, I haven't been able to find a satisfying summary of what it is, could you help out?

lightsandcandy  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Pubski: July 22, 2015

Docs really are the most comfortable shoe. Stylish too, depending on the decade. And they last long enough for a single pair to be stylish, go out of style, and become stylish again.

My mother (36) wore a pair of silver calf high quick lace docs while hiking all over Europe. She handed them down to me (19) when I was in middle school. They were totally all the rage at my8th grade winter dance.

This is excellent! This makes me want to be a Taylor Swift fan.

4am is really early. :( What kind of work do you do where you work from 6:30ish to 2? Did you choose those hours? What time do you get to sleep?

I want one but honestly I probably wouldn't use it. Seems like an excellent idea for people who might not be able to cook normally (but want to). Also people who tend to forget to turn off ovens...

I wonder how much the good natured doge community influences its stability. I've never seen a negative doge coin er.

I like Antonio Sanchez. He's the person who composed the soundtrack for Birdman. He's a Jazz drummer and I think he's fantastic.

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