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But for the pleasure indoctrination to be effective, you need the same kind of information gathering proposed by Orwell. So the existence of a Brave New World like subversion through the exploitation of human tendencies already presupposes you have a kind of Orwellian network in place.

I think the reality is that people have to be more ready to live outside the "top 5" cities. I'm from Toronto, and at the current level of housing inflation in my city, will likely never be able to purchase a home. But just outside, their are other communities (Hamilton, Markham, other former small towns) that are seeing a massive influx of younger people looking to start families. 25 years ago they used to be quite small and undeveloped, yet over the last few decades have started on an accelerated path so becoming cities. So while this housing bubble (and yes, despite what the boomers say, I'm very convinced it is) is creating problems within the most dense urban areas, there are numerous opportunities if you're willing to live outside.

Will the be more careful with their station debris than they are with their boosters? Probably not. This is china we're talking about after all.

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I've lurked for a while here, but never felt the urge to comment much. Always time to make a change I guess!

Anyways, not much is new in my life at the moment. I think I'm finally sure about my major which is nice. Unfortunately, I'm realizing that my area of interest is likely going to consume the better part of my twenties (CS/Math and social life don't belong in the same sentence).

The upside is I'm realizing how much I love going to school. It seems everyday I talk to my friends and they hate their classes, hate doing their assignments, hate having to study, etc. But for me, it never feels like that.

I hate how fake it sounds, but I honestly feel humbled that I get to go a great school and learn from some really amazing people. I love opening my textbooks and losing myself in some really complex concept, only to come out feeling like I'm finally one step closer to truly understanding. Even when I come out more confused than before I started (which is often with math), it only makes me want to know more! I'm incredibly lucky I suppose, because it seems many people feel the exact opposite.

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Where is the irrefutable proof of Hilary's crimes? A lot of it comes down to the legal grey area surrounding her emails and the server. If you want to just speculate, then sure, she's as shady as they come. But in terms of proof, I've yet to see any.