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    T I is a reflex that is characterised by a catatonic state and total loss of muscle tone ...

    Helpful to researchers and predatory orcas it may be, but the evolutionary benefit to those elasmobranchs exhibiting TI is less certain. It may serve as a defence strategy, but the advantage of sharks being able to “play dead” is not clear. An alternative theory suggests that TI may be related to mating, with males using it as a technique to temporarily immobilise the female.

Surely not every trait is selected for in isolation?

What if there are 2 traits - one beneficial and one not and both traits evolve together?

There was a lot of "soft" backlash when I deleted my accounts - from people that just assume you have an account and can see what's posted there. I hate all these content silos and walled gardens.

At least sites like reddit, twitter and hubski let you see (most) of what gets published - even if you can't join in.

bhrgunatha  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: DOOM: Behind the Music

Yeah that 4-way array of effects is mental.

bhrgunatha  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: The Cargo Cult of Versioning

    the possibility of missing security fixes makes me leery of a purely manual update process.

Security vulnerabilities are another topic entirely, although they certainly overlap. Any changes to external packages you use increase the risk to your code - whether you let tools automatically upgrade or do it manually. Exhibit A - left-pad.

We're still far from being able to automatically "verify" software - whatever that means in any given situation. Proving / verifying software has been a research topic since forever and still is.

We do have better tools now to help with those decisions and hopefully they'll continue to improve in the future too. Whether that's semantic versioning. property based tests, dependent types and refinement types, automatic distribution, build and test tools,... the list goes on.

I don't scour for new releases by my favourite artists the way I used to, so I missed the release of the new collaboration of raison d'etre & Troum

I've only given it a cursory listen but... well, it's Troum, who can do no wrong in my ears.

I'll give it some serious attention over the next week to see how I feel about it.

bhrgunatha  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: This is my tarot

7 cups ascendent in Sagittarius is fantastic, depending on where Mercury was when you drew these cards.

bhrgunatha  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: The Cargo Cult of Versioning

    Why is version pinning so prevalent? The proximal reason is that modern package managers uniformly fail to provide the sane default of "give me the latest compatible version, excluding breaking changes."

A package manager has know way of knowing what a breaking change is though because that entirely depends on how your code interacts with other packaged code.

Some are easy to pin down and define. Others are almost impossible because people write software and people are inconsistent, they aren't omniscient and they can't understand or foresee every consequence of every aspect of the code they write.

bfv's Godflesh track takes me back to touring around the country following bands :) and a co-incidental youtube dive last week re-discovering some friends of mine from Sheffield.

AC Temple - Peel session 1987


The long awaited new Shpongle album, Codex VI was released last week. I've heard some complaints that it isn't as rhythmically complex or musically or structurally intricate as their other albums, which I think might be true. Simplicity or complexity has no correlation with how music makes you feel though and this feels very Shpongly. So much so it's almost like a self-parody in places. Let's face it though, if you like the genre, they're still head and shoulders above the vast majority of the many (...soooo many) new releases and bands sprouting up.

Is garage rock still a thing? Reminded me of The Lime Spiders

If anyone is on the fence about learning meditation, I'd really recommend you to start and to keep at it regularly. Better a few minutes each day than 2 hours on a Saturday. Habit is a very important part of meditation.

This article is only saying science hasn't studied meditation enough yet.

    t is looking to introduce rigor and balance into this emerging new field

Lack of scientific proof and lack of studies does not mean it's useless, it just means the scientific study of it is behind the practice. Literally by thousands of years in some cases. Meditation had an incredibly profound and positive affect in my life and I've seen it do the same for many, many others too. Think of it as a 401(k) for your mind. I know... anecdata.

    potential benefits of mindfulness are being overshadowed by hyperbole and oversold for financial gain

The big problem now is how to avoid the charlatans.

Not sure how to guide anyone here - I tried lots (and lots) of different practices over several years before I settled on one that felt "right" to me.

A few of guidelines though.

I would also avoid anyone who is only willing to teach you after payment. They are more interested in money than your welfare. Give them your money, time and effort later if you think they're worthwhile.

I would ignore any organisation established less than say 30 years.

Give it at least a month of daily practice. It's not long enough to alter the course of your life, but it should be long enough for you to feel some effect(s).

Some Buddhist group (of which there are thousands) is probably a good place to start.

✓ Japanese Temple

✓ Taiko Drums

✓ Electric Guitars

and if that isn't enough, it's cliché but there's good reason it always gets recommended in most epic music threads....

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