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bhrgunatha  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: An Ode to Shopping Malls

    Though upscale malls in wealthy communities continue to do well, Mr. Bell isn’t interested in those; he visits dead malls, and among the deadest are ones in working-class and rural communities.

Trickle down economics in a nutshell.

Growing up in the UK I never understood the appeal of malls. Towns and cities in the UK developed organically and mostly unplanned meaning there are always plenty of small backroads and alleys to explore for hidden gems. That's also disappearing or disappeared completely now in favour of virtually identical, almost cloned main high street town planning and out-of-town shopping centres - the modern equivalent of malls.

The large cities still have hidden coves and small unique shops but they harder to find these days.

They've recently added an AI module to the iPlayer.

They chose Tay.

bhrgunatha  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Your Memories Aren't Your Memories

When I was 4 we moved to Singapore and a family who lived nearby had a small pet monkey

While I grew up I remember - extremely clearly - when it escaped and climbed up onto a neighbour's roof and I was worried because it was howling and screaming .I was scared it would come into our house and ... well I don't know what I thought it would do but obviously mad, screaming monkeys in the house are undesirable.

Some years later after we'd left Singapore I spoke to my mum about it and indeed there was a family with a pet monkey, but it had never escaped and run amok, although it did climb up onto their roof once, but I never saw that - I only heard about it.

That set my head spinning. I couldn't imagine how something that I remember seeing so vividly wasn't true.

I can easily understand how people can have different opinions or misremember details but to completely fabricate a memory like that? As far as I know I don't have any other completely false memories but it makes you wonder, not just about your own memories but other people's too.

I Was Philip K Dick's Reluctant Host on BBC Radio 4 might interest you.

Raymond Hettinger is an absolute gem of the Python community.

His talk on the improvements to Python's Dictionary implementation is also interesting.

More evidence that AI is going to take out jobs.

Pretty sure I've seen websites that use schemes made up of Sindis Poop, Stanky Bean and Turdly.

Also, what does decorating your bedroom in Dondarf, Gray Pubic and Dorkwood say?

One minute of silence please, then post some of your favourite tracks:


Hands All Over

I mean pretty much all of badmotorfinger but ...

Searching with my good eye closed

Slaves and Bulldozers

bhrgunatha  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Lyrics I wrote

Dude, are you OK?

That was a great article.

    I’ve pointed out to some of my mathematical friends that the unconscious appears to be better at math than they are.

A colleague of mine once shared his secret problem solving technique: taking a leisurely dump. Set aside whatever it is that's causing you grief - including any politics and personalities in the office/workplace - and just let your mind wander while clearing out your system. I prefer a walk or meditation, but the point is you can often solve problems by learning to allow your subconscious/unconscious to work on it, you really need to learn to be attentive to the answers though. Sometimes they come as images or ideas or even vague feelings. I've learned to trust my "internal" answers and to develop my intuition, even when they might seem crazy or difficult or in the opposite direction your facing. You need to discriminate though, to be critical because there's usually some interpretation involved, it's rarely a literal answer. Kekulé’ had to interpret his answer - plenty of people would have simple dismissed or ignored the snake eating its own tail.

    George Zweig and I had had one of our ten hour lunches

Damn now I want to go off to the mountains or the sea or rural France for a month.

bhrgunatha  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Hubsketiquette?

    1) The share button is an upvote.

    2) Follower counts make you cool.

The problem is we're largely social beings and that by definition involves interaction with other people.. When you post a link or comment on something, what clues or evidence do you receive that someone else is affected by your action? Literally nothing but another comment or that ubiquitous 'Like' button; no nuance just a binary or at best 3-state notification good/bad/nothing.

It doesn't matter whether it's Like, upvote/downvote or share - it's one of only two feedback mechanisms and we have millennia of behavioral and social conditioning that control our response. We have masses of non verbal cues that we pick up on when we meet people physically but online there is virtually nothing. It doesn't matter whether you consciously eschew it or not, there's plenty going on under that mental veneer that you don't consciously control.

Of course... we're above all that crass vulgarity - I'm just talking about those other poor pavlovian schmucks. ;)

goobster share it and then leave a comment. Let others know you're interested and what you think - otherwise what's the fucking point?

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