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The #Writing tag is a little more active.

Very much looking forward to Atoms For Peace. Also, a new The Knife record? Sign me up!

StrangeGibbersh  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Paul Krugman: Is Growth Over?

A world where it becomes so easy to make certain everyone is fed, clothed, and sheltered that it is no longer required of people to work to take care of their basic nessecities.

Think Star Trek's federation.

I'm very intrested, and may buy the reccomended "starting strength" book.

When I stop spending my time to make money, and can afford to spend money to save time.

Came over just now, myself. Don't intend on posting anything any time soon, but i am more likley to do so when I grok the organization around here, I'm sure.

StrangeGibbersh  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Paul Krugman: Is Growth Over?

I'm surprised to see that Krugman doesn't go into a lot of depth here - MK posted the closed thing to real meat the article had.

Which is a shame, beacuse I'd love to have an economist's take on a transition from capitalism to a post-scarcity world. (If, in fact, a post-scarcity world is where we are headed.)

You bring up a point - I can easily see people abusing the tagging system to just slap commonly followed tags on their stuff. #funny #humor #atheism #kittens #followthis #OHGODWHYWONTYOULOVEME

I deleted my facebook. The utility of it was negligable, and my constant issues with the privacy and oversharing finaly made me throw up my hands.

I still have a twitter account, but I rarely use it. I find the reverse-cronological order of short comments makes it irritatingly difficult to peice together coherent thoughts of it's posters. I also don't like sharing with the draconian character limit.

Reddit: A combination of utlity and time-wasting. I have my own private subreddit for passing notes to myself, and I kill a lot of time on the site in general - though I've long since stopped following any of the default subreddits but askreddit, since it's the best time-killer amongst the defaults. Seeing an image macro in any subreddit I follow makes me automatically itch to unsubscribe it. I do use it to keep an eye out for useful utility sites for my writing. I hope to use Hubski for the same purposes - though less of the generic time-wasting, and more utility.

You Tube: Only very rarely.

Any I'm missing? Frankly, the truth is I don't like sharing myself on the internet very much.

It's my favorite christmas special that the've done yet. Damned with faint praise, though - I haven't really enjoyed any of their christmas specials very much.

It was a solid episode, that avoided the tendancy to feel "excessivly fairytale" that the last two christmas specials have had. My primary complaint was that I didn't buy the doctor's motivation for... what we will call the first half of the episode. (to avoid spoiling anything.) Not that I feel that such motivation is impossible, but it was seriosuly undersold.

StrangeGibbersh  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Is YTMND dying?

I'll comment that YTMND is much slower today then i remember it being. It's ads really slow down the experince, and I can't imagine that it makes it easy to be a regularly repeating visitor. Even with Adblock, the website just seems to load even easy content incredibly slowly. Frankly, It usually feels that I could start watching someting on youtube in the time it takes a YTMND to load and launch.

Hell Broke Luce by Tom Waits

Got me started on Tom Wait's massive discography.

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