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Kanye West - MBDTF Tim Hecker - Ravedeath 1972 Grateful Dead - American Beauty (there are a lot by them I could name here, very interchangeable for me) Charles Mingus - Live At Antibes The National - High Violet

On a different day these could be different. Just what came to mind like you said.

SpaceIsOnlyNoise  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: What Happened in Ferguson?

white people? no that's not right, think i'm close though

Assuming you're an anarchist - what other literature/websites do you read often? I browse reddit's anarchist subreddits but with the popularity of anarcho-capitalism there there ends up being way too much content that is either just attacking them or debating with them. The debates I have no problem with, I'm just looking for more diversified/relevant content. Any suggestions?

I loooove Rosenwinkel! One of my favorite guitar players.

I meant to mention R Plus Seven in my own post, good call. The way he turns samples of human voices into something entirely different is spectacular. He's incredibly talented.

If you liked that one, I'd start the album that it's from - There's No Leaving Now, his newest. If you like that, then listen to The Wild Hunt. He doesn't have too much after that I don't think, so you could just listen to anything else you can find once you've heard those two.

Danny Brown - Side B. The whole album, really, but Rustie's production of this song is so great I figured I'd post this one.

Robb Bank$ - On Me. New tape Tha City, tons of great production from Spaceghostpurrp and Nuri.

Darkside - Golden Arrow. Collab between house or I guess deep house or something artist Nico Jaar and a really talented multi-instrumentalist Dave Harrington.

Tim Hecker - Virginal II. Ambient drone music, dunno if anyone else likes this kind of music, but Hecker's album from 2011 is probably one of my favorites ever.

Tallest Man On Earth - 1904. Great fall music, really great contemporary folk artist. Can sound a lot like Dylan sometimes but not always. Probably my favorite folk artist.

Great album, backed. Glad to see this group getting some love.

Dunno if you've heard of Spaceghostpurrp (he used to be tight with A$AP Rocky) but Bank$ is a current member of his....collective, I guess? called Raider Klan. Curry used to be in it too. Bank$ new tape tha city is really good if you like the kind of style those guys go for. And Flatbush Zombies are great as well.

It'd definitely be challenging, but with a good teacher you might be able to get pretty good

This is like the shit I knew he could do because of the kinda stuff he did on the back half of XXX like Fields, 30, etc. He doesn't even need to get super hype to close this one off like he did on 30 though. Definitely one of his most musically impressive songs.

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