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Rod  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: I was on Tom Green's show the other day!

Hey man, that was cool. I actually forgot why I was watching the Tom Green show until the very end when you came up and I was like "Oh yeah, that Hubski guy was on it and I clicked the link". It was an alright show and I liked your song, it's too bad the audio quality wasn't great. Also... do they have a makeup person? They don't right?. Thanks for sharing and best of luck!

Rod  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Why not dogs on Hubski?

D'ya like dags?

Here are my 2 rescues!

Ok, so here are my resources and where I'm at right now. It doesn't seem to be a consistent problem, apparently CPU Usage and Memory Usage is spiking sometimes, which triggers the warnings.

I am running 7 Wordpress sites on that, with a combined 4,200 hits per month (that's what the GoDaddy rep said). Which seems like very little.

I talked to GoDaddy, the dude had me click on some PHP optimization options and compression, but said Wordpress has become very resource intensive and I should consider upgrading (that sounded like a sales pitch for the sake of it).

I will now check out the Sucuri Scanner plugin, thank you!

Here are the stats for the 7 sites:

Mhmmm, according to those stats I guess the 4,200 hits were daily.

Edit: Ok, I just realized I'm getting a ton of referral spam... can that be an issue? Now on to blocking it.

Gotcha, alright then, people at customer support for GoDaddy are super nice but they haven't been quite helpful in the past. Thanks again for your time.

9 plugins total on the site I'm most concerned about, but I'd need to check the others. Could that be an issue? The total amount of plugins or one rogue plugin ruining everything?

And this is where you lost me. I don't know what that means... I have cPanel... would that be in there? Maybe I'm not that literate, sorry.


Awesome, thanks!

Hey galen, thank you for sharing. They are both really nice tracks and would be awesome for scoring video... may I? Under what license do you share these? One thing though... is that a glitch at 1:01 in Progress? Cheers!