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I highly recommend it. They sound even better live than in the studio!

Saw these guys in June at a small venue in PA. Great show, if you get the chance definitely see them!

Pez  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Hubski, what's your wallpaper?

I've had my wallpaper cycle through the different start screens from the game Ikaruga,

Though right now I'm just using a simple gradient.

Many mewithoutyou fans tend to overlook this album due to its departure from the more aggressive sound of their previous albums. It's my personal favorite of theirs though, some really calming songs on here.

I recommend

It's a fun little multiplayer game where you eat cells smaller than you but avoid bigger ones. It's reminiscent of the first level of Spore if you've ever played it.

Woo Knuckle Puck! Stoked for their new album!

Awesome! Keep up the great work!

My main problem with the whole Confederate flag fiasco is should we really be pushing to ban something because some find it offensive? I can understand how some people can feel uncomfortable about having it fly over a federal building, but trying to get rid of it entirely seem a bit dangerous to me.

Also on the subject, is the flag not part of the state's history? South Carolina wasn't just one of the Confederate states, it was the first state to secede from the U.S. to form the Confederacy. It is a major part of the state's history and whether you agree with the politics of the Confederacy or not, it has its context in the history of our nation.

Do you use Bandcamp by any chance? I too love discovering music and I find myself killing time by plugging in a genre in the search bar and just listening to everything I can.

I spent many hours on the numerous Sim games that Maxis put out around that time. Sim Earth, Sim Ant, and of course Sim City. It's a shame what eventually happened with the company. Hopefully a new developer will come along and give the genre a much needed reboot.

I was rooting for PP all of Apex, so glad he won. Him taking EVO would be great as well, but I also wouldn't mind Mang0 getting the 3peat.