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Jamie Eason's got a good plyometric card routine for when you're on the road.

It looks like he goes under the bridge, so he's probably okay. If he's not okay, then this probably shouldn't be in the funny tag.

I'm just a local resident who was into the parties at the time.

I think it's important to note that conflating burneshas with american or european transmen might be seen as harmful appropriation. There are similarities, but the reasons for transitioning and the acceptance and struggles faced by burneshas (or any gender-identity that is unique to a foreign culture) are entirely different than the current eurocentric trans identity that we're used to seeing in LGBT circles. It's really interesting to see gender identities outside of the euro/american centric ones, like two-spirit or bakla, but it's important to respect that their culture, struggles and goals are unique and should not be seen as anything besides what they are, and certainly should not be used as ideological leverage.

You got to be KIDding me. I know it's a bad pun, but it's the only one I goat.

I was in Vancouver for the 2010 Olympics, and let me tell you, as a single lesbian it was like being a kid in a candy store. From what I saw in 2010, if Russia tries to do anything to discourage gay or lesbian athletes from attending or being out, it could make for a very boring Olympics. I hate to stereotype, but honestly, women's hockey, speed skating, men's figure skating....

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