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So I went on Reddit for the first time in a while and noticed this Reddit Gold feature. Similarities much? :D

mk 891 days ago   ·   link

For fun.

theadvancedapes 890 days ago   ·   link


cW 890 days ago   ·   link

For what it's worth, the hubski badge is way cooler. The reddit "gilding(?!)" is like a badge, but like a literal "badge" badge. Like what pixelated deputies would wear on old-timey pc games of the old west, hokey star and all. Whereas the hubski badge is this elegant, symmetrical design evocative of heavenly bodies and of subatomic particles all at once. I know it's not about winning, but, just saying.

smoorman1024 891 days ago   ·   link

Maybe mk can way in here. Which came first? Where did you get the idea for badges? No offense to hubski (you know I love it), but I find it hard to believe that the behemoth Reddit was browsing hubski and copied one of its features. I wouldn't completely rule it out though.

mk 891 days ago   ·   link

We added badges one year ago:


I haven't checked these Reddit Gold badges out yet. Anyone know how they work? I know about Reddit Gold, but is this something different than buying or gifting a premium feature?

insomniasexx 891 days ago   ·   link

When you hover over it it looks like this:


I guess it is a way to publicly show the reddit gold gifting. I remember there used to be posts that got a lot of attention and there would be an "edit: Wow, 3 months of reddit gold for this comment! You guys are awesome!" Now there is a badge.

mk 891 days ago   ·   link

It's a smart move on their part. I can see someone over there having seen our badges, and being inspired, but I could also see them coming up with it on their own.

I do know that the Reddit admin are aware of us.

At any rate, it's funny to see Reddit doing something like Hubski.

smoorman1024 891 days ago   ·   link

When you said we added them a year ago I thought that's impossible, I have not been on hubski for a year and I remember when badges were added.

Well time flies because I have been on hubski for 470 days.

That aside, whether or not they function the same they look exactly the same.

ecib 891 days ago   ·   link

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery :)

mk 891 days ago   ·   link

Wow. When did they add that badging feature?

insomniasexx 891 days ago   ·   link

It must have been pretty recently. I know you could gift reddit gold for a while but I haven't seen the badge feature until today. Maybe someone who is on there more often can shed soem light.

flagamuffin 891 days ago   ·   link

I believe about a week ago.

mk 891 days ago   ·   link

I just found it.

They call it "gilding", and it was introduced a month ago.

flagamuffin 890 days ago   ·   link

It's been a month? Dammit.

insomniasexx 890 days ago   ·   link

Time flying means you are getting old. :P

flagamuffin 890 days ago   ·   link

I'm too young to get old!

nowaypablo 307 days ago   ·   link

Oh my god you guys are old.

_refugee_ 307 days ago   ·   link


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