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the author was a poor white woman growing up

I think the fact that you like your job is really important. Don't close off the adventurous side of yourself, though, when it comes to opportunities. I feel like our generation, the millennials, are so accustomed to those success-stories of very young people that we feel less-than when we're not rockstars or billionaires or whatever.

Thank you! I'm studying information science, just got done with my first year. I wasn't sure what I wanted to study, but I knew that I wanted a bachelor's degree and my friend seemed really happy with this study. I'm not sure what my "true" passion is, I wonder if I'll ever know. I love singing and crafting (DIY stuff) and being creative but I'm not sure if I have the guts to go ahead with that in any substantial way.

I'm afraid that I'll regret taking this education instead of finding my true passion. I think I'd like to travel more. Be kinder and more patient. See my family more.

Really interesting suggestions, and I'm not totally sure if this is considered off topic, but the "logical keywords in searches" (AND, OR and the less used NOT) are called Boolean Operators (Booleske operatorer på dansk, og det irriterer mig at det ikke hedder boolske, men anyway). Just thought you might want to know.

A fellow troll! I'm checking out hubski and seriously digging it. I found this post via #crochet, I'm currently also making a blanket.