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How about this:

Fuck you and fuck everyone on this site which I am now sure is at least 90% -- unreasonable -- white people?

I'm out.

No one painted anyone as racists.

1. Just because someone mentions black people arming themselves =/= race war.

2. Opting out of the discussion because.. what? Because something is happening you don't want to discuss? Okay.

3. Thinking a race war.. on ASSUMPTIONS which were already plainly pointed out.

4. Shit is going down RIGHT NOW -- hence the discussion.

5. No one made it "flamebait" -- peoples' inability to address the topic without making the same assumptions you just posted makes it one.

People use People of Color.. how is that different than colored people? Ignorance isn't bliss, it's just ignorance.

So aren't we assuming being non-biological is better? Just based on our own intellectual missteps?

I have had to explain every little thing I've said to people who say they're capable of understanding complex arguments.

...We are a species capable of deciding. We can choose how this goes. I do not think it is viable nor intelligent of us to give up a humanity we have not explored. That does not mean forcing anything that isn't there. It means using it to our advantage. We have destroyed so much without altering ourselves genetically, then it stands to reason we can create just as much. That is all I meant.

So I get "#flamebait" because white people don't want to talk about white people's issues with black people/POC?


I can't. It's too fun. lol

Okay. I do understand these arguments. People believe transhumanism is the way to go basically because they are lazy. That they want just another way to "one up" one another rather than seek either peace or equality.

What can we do about that? I think there are biological alternatives -- such as transcending the relatively "average" definition of humanity via willpower and a more evolved societal system.

For instance -- and this gets into some conspiratorial things: there may be already people on this planet which are/were "more" than human and this 'anomalous' state is indicative of our potential, as I posited before. The grasp for transhumanism as it stands today is therefore actually a faux pas by people who have no comprehension of our capacity and/or are engineers of our current situation.

I'm not telling you to tell us how to react--which I think you could have figured out, what with all this information going around. I'm asking you why you all seem to think when we say, "You should be accountable" you immediately think of how you should tell US what to do, instead of how to tell YOURSELVES what to do.

I really laughed more than I should have. It's like watching a movie that you know the ending to. And it's still pretty entertaining.

Exactly what would be a better way to defend ourselves against a force which is neither there to protect or serve us? It's worse for black people but it affects ALL of us under tyrannical governments..which is all of us.