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Tammie D. Willis is the first deaf composer to graduate with a Masters in Music Composition in the United States. Her experiences as a deaf music student shaped her into a social advocate who explores issues related to women, the LGBTQ community, human rights and education as a composer and writer.

With degrees in Creative Writing and Education in addition to music, Tammie pursues her passions by exploring social issues that are important to her through music and writing while helping college students identify and explore social issues that are important to them in a manner that compliments their own educational pursuits.

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Good morning. I'm glad you are enjoying my blog. To answer your questions, I was already deaf when I decided to pursue music. I had been deaf for 2 years. If you are okay, I think your second question will be the topic of my next blog. How the idea to study music came to me is a bit of a long answer and kind of funny in hindsight so it may make for an interesting post. I am actually in the process of digitizing some of my work to post on my website. I am hoping to have the first of several excerpts posted by next weekend so please keep checking back. And thank you for the questions. There is so much to write about and people's questions let me know what they are interested in so it helps me figure out what to write about next.