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No, no it wasn't. Way out of line. The caught the guy after they had ended the lockdown of Boston.

socialistfuck  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Our Neoliberal President

From Obama's proposed budget:

    TVA is a self-financing Government corporation, funding operations through electricity sales and bond financing. In order to meet its future capacity needs, fulfill its environmental responsibilities, and modernize its aging generation system, TVA’s current capital investment plan includes more than $25 billion of expenditures over the next 10 years. However, TVA’s anticipated capital needs are likely to quickly exceed the agency’s $30 billion statutory cap on indebtedness. Reducing or eliminating the Federal Government’s role in programs such as TVA, which have achieved their original objectives and no longer require Federal participation, can help put the Nation on a sustainable fiscal path. Given TVA’s debt constraints and the impact to the Federal deficit of its increasing capital expenditures, the Administration intends to undertake a strategic review of options for addressing TVA’s financial situation, including the possible divestiture of TVA, in part or as a whole.

I would have thought that Noam Chomsky would be considered America's favorite anarchist.

By your logic you can't call segregationists racist because not all of them are demonstrably so. What a crock of shit.

If dick pumps are covered then so should contraceptives.

Seems similar to the tactic Congress is using to destroy the Post Office.

This is why activists have to push just as hard (if not more so) against private data collection and exploitation.

Yeah, speculation was the wrong word to use.

Great, just what we need. Further wall street speculation in commodities necessary to life.

I made the changes, I originally made the assumption that people would know what stingrays are.

So the article fairly quickly points out that the group that was given studies to read about it actually DID end up changing their minds, all but the most stalwart. So the MoJo headline is misleading, in my opinion.

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