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I have to say one of my biggest gripes about other peoples music collection is when you get excited they have an artist only to open up the folder and find that they only have the one big song off the album and none of the good stuff. Maybe its a result of pirating whole albums and never was good at making cohesive playlists but there is nothing more I enjoy then playing whole albums....or at least large chunks.

Andrew Bird - Nobel Beast Portugal the Man - Church Mouth Portugal the Man - Its Complicated Being a Wizard Kay Kay and His Weathered Underground - S/t Good Old War - Only Way to Be Alone Motel Motel - New Denver Rx Bandits - The Resignation The Roots - Undun

among others that have been stated here already.

I understand (not accept) the topical argument for this, however, it is astonishing that this doesn't drive more outrage and practical criticism from political figures. How is it possible that every issue is shrouded with crap about safety, or fighting the enemy but there are plenty of stats floating around that show the amount of deaths from terrorism vs drunk driving vs domestic abuse vs soldier suicide, etc and the cost for anti terrorism vs prevention of anyone of those things.

When are true, unbiased statistics, and mathematical analysis really going to begin to play a role in politics, legislation creation, and funding? Is impossible to implement the techniques we use in math, science and engineering to something as emotionally dependent as American politics? Can we use these techniques to prioritize what needs to be funded in order to create value within our entire society (not just a select few)?

Am I just ranting about problems I do not grasp in the slightest? probably.


Got hired on full time from my internship then got contacted by a recruiter a year later and got placed at my current job. The career resources that Stevens has is top notch, but I cant say the education was all that exceptional. Definitely taught me how to teach myself and learn quickly and efficiently though.

Chem E from Stevens here. Hows life?

with the fascination with science fiction in the mid 1900s to the movies/tv shows 2001: A space odyssey and star wars and star trek, etc... the nerd was cultivated. It brought complex math, statistics and science into a realm of imagination and was only reinforced by reality with new science, and new technology being developed quicker with faster mediums to present it.

At some point nerd transitioned from an accusation of weak will and even poorer alpha clout to a term of endearment. From the endearment came a passion to strive, adapting the new technology with the necessary skills acquired as a nerd. These nerds became the content creators, the entrepreneurs, and the image of successful. They became the new macho, the new manly. Technology made new skills valuable and no longer is being the strongest, or exceptionally athletic keys to success (still have value in todays society) but intelligence can be just as powerful.

With that said, there is always a "root for the underdog" mentality in American culture (its part of our history) and nerds were the wise underdog, working smarter to outwit their opponent in order to be successful. This is really why the nerd sells.

fake it till you make it. you dont really need the interest in math and science to be a "nerd."

Deeply Breathing in the fresh air during a impromptu thunderstorm.

Or deep breaths of fresh air in general. I was living in the city for about 7 years and was unaware what truly fresh air is until I took a trip to Alaska and was hiking around the glaciers...that feeling of experiencing it for the first time...

overvieweffect  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Hubski the next reddit?

I agree. I have joined Hub in a the hopes that it is as described; a site of deeper, more challenging discussion of topics.

There is still a place for reddit. It lies somewhere between the immediate chuckle and mindless entertainment for the powered down brain. Of course there is still good content, good discussion, and good subreddits (ones I will still browse), but there will be more and more people flocking to it and with that more people to perpetuate the same problems that plaque the larger subs.

For more interesting discussion and a chance to really broaden my view of things, I hope Hubski can rise to the occasion and stay organized enough to beat out any competition that may also rise in Reddit's proverbial wake.