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I like computers, nature, nootropics, food, writing, reading, blinking, sleeping, and dancing.

Did I do this right?

Oh, and I'm always up for a chat :) Feel free to message me

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IMO that's how the internet should look... Can we go back to BBSs?

I was previously attempting to write a MUD in python... it's no picnic either. So I decided to use the language I know best C... So far... things are okay.

If there's anything I've learned about powershell it's how messy the documentation is. How is that Lean Architecture book? My degree is actually in computer science but I've always done either sysadmin jobs or electronics repair. So I've always been interested in different methods of agile software development. I'm pretty sure SCRUM is still pretty popular but I honestly have no idea how it works...

Same, I've been reading some books on linux system administration and I've been perusing a powershell book. It's powershell 2.0 though. So far I've not learned much that I didn't know from experience powershell wise.

If you're looking for good fantasy, there's a series called "Tyrants and Kings". It's kind of SciFi fantasy. But the world is great and the characters are fairly interesting. I read the first book when I was a freshman in high school. I read the second book at some point but never bought the last book. They're also on my list to reread sometime this summer.

Yeah, Stephenson can be an exhausting read at times. I wish I had gotten more into Cryptonomicon. I started it but just couldn't get past the beginning.

Anymore the only reading I do is either technical or SciFi/Fantasy. And I haven't read a fantasy book in a couple of months. I've got a couple of autobiographies of musicians I want to get through but my list of books is just never ending...

Couldn't help it.

I quite enjoyed "Ready Player One".

I just bought "The Martian: A Novel" which is about a a guy stuck on mars, it's in the style of a logbook. It should be okay. If this book doesn't satisfy me I think I'm going to go back and start the "Red Mars" series again. I got halfway through book two and then just stopped reading previously.

Oh and I also just finished "Nymphomation" by Jeff Noon. That guys writing style is insane, but the book was actually quite interesting. The end was a bit of a disappointment but it could have been much worse.

Also, sorry for putting all my reading in a comment to you Kaius, I forgot where I was posting for a moment... But on the note of Neal Stephenson, have you read Anathem? That book is a commitment, but it's totally worth it.

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May not be worth it, just a heads up. I've tried in the past, it's usually in your best interest to find a better server.

Well honestly, if you count the entire internet that is sort of cheating. But I've never seen someone reference him or have any clue what I'm talking about when I do. I mean the man did a song for billy and mandy you'd think everyone would know...

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Don't use my phone in class unless it's a work call.

We also generally have computers in front of us in classes, my solution to that is just to stay off the computer. I do enough of that at work and home.

I'm so glad I'm not the only person who knows voltaire

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