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diggconvert21  ·  2060 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: The Mathematician's Lament

The Mathematician's Apology, if I recall, is one of the essays mentioned regularly in the qualitative understanding of Mathematics. While rhetorically some parts of the essay are quite beautiful, the whole thing doesn't really enlighten the everyday reader on what Mathematics actually is. It attempts to make Mathematics analagous to art, but does not' make full use of the comparison to achieve any technical understandings.

That said, this line from the essay is beautiful:

"The proof is by reductio ad absurdum, and reductio ad absurdum, which Euclid loved so much, is one of a mathematician’s finest weapons5 . It is a far finer gambit than any chess gambit: a chess player may offer the sacrifice of a pawn or even a piece, but a mathematician offers the game. "

I have not read Lockhart's Lament to the end, but the thesis it seems to be hinting at is that schools kill appreciation of education all too easily. Which raises a hell of a lot more questions for society, let alone mathematics.

Yup agreed! Hansel's shows tend to be more fun, where models tend to smile and there's some direction where they "take group selfies" at the end. Couture and high concept stuff tend to be more serious though.

I'm interested in photography primarily, but this was an assigment. I like couture and it's significantly more interesting to look at, but I'm not a big fan of ready to wear things. ( which this show primarily focused on)

but hey, it's good practice for technique for things I do want to shoot

hey, appreciate the welcome and the compliments!

I think most of them tend to loosen up and the end of the show and end up smiling, but that's mostly after! The photographers are quite a distance from the runway though, so it's not possible to talk to them in the middle of the catwalk!