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demiurrrge  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Pubski: February 13, 2019

So my mother-in-law either cancelled or forgot to pay on her netflix last week. RIP my access to the last non-free tv-like service I was still using (:

I DO vote per the first half of the first sentence of my first comment in this chain, "As an under-30 who votes..." I just don't agree that voting straight party is always the best move. And you must have missed the part right before the quote you quoted where I wrote SEEMS TO SAY. As in, you might not literally be saying that but that's how the tone of what you did write comes off to me.

Bold of you to talk about unnecessarily antagonistic when you seem to like talking down to people an awful lot.

I've asked more than once what my recourse is as a voter for one party when a party candidate I strongly disapprove of is running. You have yet to offer me a response that seems to say more than "Suck it up, buttercup". Which I don't find particularly satisfying of an answer and is pretty much the attitude I was trying to call attention to as problematic in the first place.

demiurrrge  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Pubski: February 13, 2019

Came here from reddit, there was a top post I think on /r/technology talking about censorship on reddit and somebody commented a list of alternative sites which included this one so I just poked my head over out of curiousity. Haven't left reddit and probably don't plan to but yall seem neat.

So if I understand you correctly, basically my recourse as a person who generally supports a party but is unhappy with a particular candidate running for said party, is to support my token favorite until as far as the primary, at which point if I don't bite the bullet and vote for my last-choice candidate in the general I become "part of the problem".

This kind of thinking is exactly why I don't consider myself a democrat despite supporting the party's positions on most topics. I don't like the idea of being told I owe anyone a vote. Either I support a candidate on merit or I don't. And I'm not willing to cast a vote for someone I've chosen not to support for ethical reasons. If not voting for a corrupt democrat makes me a party traitor, I'd just as soon not be a party member at all.

I'm not saying demanding perfection is a reasonable position to hold and I don't generally expect my politicians to be flawless paragons of incorruptibility.

I'm saying that when a politician you support DOES screw up in too big of a way for you to feel comfortable to continue supporting them, the "Well he's still better that Jim Whats-His-Face over there with WRONG LETTER next to his name" line that your fellow party voters will try to feed you is a harmful way of thinking. Straight-ticket voting makes it easier for members of both parties to both engage in corruption and go unpunished when they do, because they know at the end of the day that the people voting for them care more about what side of the fence they're on than what they've actually done.

I mean yeah supporting the ones you agree with through money or volunteering is a good start. But say some candidate you have an issue with that you feel pretty strongly about wins the democrat primary. Like a guy who promised last time around he'd pass legislation to regulate pollution by businesses more strictly and then when he took office he voted yes on a tax break for those same businesses after being lobbied by them pretty hard. Are folks supposed to ignore corruption from their own party and vote straight-ticket anyway even though re-electing this guy is tacitly telling him that his corruption isn't a dealbreaker for you?

This Year and the whole album it comes from are pretty good and representative of their general style.

If you want a sampling of some good songs off of other albums I'd recommend

- Lakeside View Apartment Suite

- Foreign Object

- No Children

- Game Shows Touch Our Lives

As an under-30 who votes I still don't agree with all the premises of the article. Especially the whole "lesser of two evils" line. I don't have any love for republicans and I basically consider libertarians to be "diet republicans" but I still have some major points of contention with democrats and I feel like this "just swallow your pride and vote for them anyway so the other guy doesn't get in" rhetoric is harmful towards affecting longterm change. What can a voter like me do to actually "punish" a democratic candidate for corruption or other problematic behavior when there's a slew of people willing to give said candidate carte blanche just to keep someone with an (R) beside their name from taking that office?

I've been in kind of a "music rut" lately, looking for something new or at least "new to me" to get into but without much luck. I went through a bit of an electro-swing infatuation but once the novelty of it wore off there's not much in the genre aside from Caravan Palace and the odd bit of Parov Stelar or Caro Emerald that I'm still going back to. Aside from that mostly I've been listening to stuff like The Mountain Goats, Andrew Jackson Jihad, and Kimya Dawson but I'm starting to feel the burnout there as well. I kind of have a bad habit of finding something different enough to hold my attention then overdoing it to the point I tire myself out from it.

I just saw them in concert at Saxapahaw a couple months ago. It was awesome!