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comment by kleinbl00

That's unfair, unrepresentative of this discussion and unnecessarily antagonistic. You said you "didn't agree with" the "lesser of two evils line." I didn't engage you on that: there's a big difference between "I don't agree with" and "I want to be convinced of." You clearly don't want to be convinced of anything.

You asked what you could do about it. I've given you several responses of nuance and diversity. Never once have I said "suck it up, buttercup" so putting it in quotes is factually incorrect (and rhetorically weak).

That you don't find my answer "satisfying" and that somehow this is about my "attitude" indicates how little interest you had in any sort of discussion as to why there's far more reason to vote against your personal preferences than you care to admit.

But by all means, keep not voting. It is, after all, your constitutional right.

demiurrrge  ·  478 days ago  ·  link  ·  

I DO vote per the first half of the first sentence of my first comment in this chain, "As an under-30 who votes..." I just don't agree that voting straight party is always the best move. And you must have missed the part right before the quote you quoted where I wrote SEEMS TO SAY. As in, you might not literally be saying that but that's how the tone of what you did write comes off to me.

Bold of you to talk about unnecessarily antagonistic when you seem to like talking down to people an awful lot.

kleinbl00  ·  478 days ago  ·  link  ·  

It was the ad-hominem that got you blocked.