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I've been listening to Willow Smith's album Ardipithecus. I'm very surprised that I like it, since my music taste is pretty conservative, I usually hate anything with any hint of experimentation. But Willow's vocal delivery is so confident and so unselfconsciously expressive and playful that I can completely forgive the noodling, unstructured nature of her songs. A lot of the melodies seem improvised, but they're striking, and her voice is powerful and clear. She uses some odd articulations and accenting which gives a slightly (self) mocking edge to her delivery, the kind of intentionally odd voice you'd usually only hear in someone being silly or overly dramatic, but it works, to me it makes her sound genuinely charismatic, very self-possessed and accomplished, with an innate, very clever musical sense. The fact that she's only 15 makes it all the more impressive. You might call it self-indulgence, but I think it works, she sounds more confident than any other female vocalist I've heard, perhaps because she isn't scared to experiment and use odd phrasings etc. I think she's a very natural intuitive singer.

Love it. I must have watched every episode 50 times when i was 12 or 13.

Thanks, it's great. Best new material he's done in years, in my opinion.

cx52  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: The Male Bond

I couldn't read this, as a man it made me want to puke copiously just seeing the picture and reading the first line. Really, what is the point of analysing and (ugh) eulogising the concept of friendship? It really seems incredibly vain and nauseatingly self-congratulating.

The trailer didn't contain that much which was particularly exciting (i.e. either one of them getting in some good points against irrationalists) but hopefully the film itself will have some stuff like that. If it's just them talking to people who agree with them, it won't be as good as it could be. They really need to hone their arguments to use against the irrational contingent.

cx52  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Facebook makes me hate my friends.

I'm friends with a couple of people on Facebook who post way too much. One posts a huge amount of strongly political stuff (most of which I happen to agree with anyway so it doesn't matter so much). The other posts way too many pictures I've seen before of kittens and so on. I didn't want to completely cut myself off from them by hiding all their posts so what I did was, I unsubscribed from them, then I created a friends list for each of them which they were the only person on. So if I ever want to see what they've been posting I just click the list on the left-hand menu and scan their posts quickly.

    what sort of society do we promote when a social media site becomes the primary means of discourse? What does it say about us and our values?

It's not the primary means of discourse, people still see each other in real life. If they stopped doing that I might start getting worried, but I don't think they will. Calm down.

There's a skill you should learn, which is how to ignore people, how to stop caring that their views are stupid and wrong. It's a very useful skill to have these days. I admit it's not an easy skill to acquire, but it's a worthwhile one.