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Reddit has definitely messed with my ability to discuss topics on the web. I usually browse imageboards, so the vitriol and political incorrectness is just water off my back, but with imageboards it's a lot less serious. I never had an impluse to hunt someone down until reddit, because everything was transient anyway. I feel that reddit at times combines the worst of sites like Facebook and imageboards together. But then again, every community has it's own problems, it's just up to people to decide what they would rather deal with.

I am disappointed that the author took down the original version of this article, but I can understand if they wanted their blog post to be taken seriously.

After looking at the candidates and their positions and record, it seems that Bernie Sanders is the only legitimate candidate, in the sense he wishes to lead the country in a specific direction in regard to his ideology and beliefs. The other candidates are either motivated by financial or political gain, or a desire for sheer power. Even if Hillary wins the nomination, I'm still voting for Bernie.

I'm not sure how draft posts work, so forgive me if anyone sees this posted twice.

I'm concerned that a small number of powerusers could abuse the hide/mute function to create an echochamber effect. Is there anything on hubski that could prevent this from becoming the case? I'm not advocating for a comment free-for-all (ala 4/8chan), but I am concerned that polite, well written and reasoned comments could be arbitrarily censored, dragging down the quality of discussion.

Also, what is with the "dead link" error messages? Is it server load?

What kind of moderation is there on Hubski? I am looking for a reddit alternative with transparent moderation and good controls over rampant mods and admins.

EDIT: Sorry for the multiposts.