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I guess next is shadow clones :)

I am just waiting to review this thing. Can't wait to do a Hands-on

Thanks for the additional information

Chinese manufactured are cheap. You can get much cheap at

cbhattarai  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: HUBSKI: Chapter 25

I would really like to say "not at all interesting"

Thanks that you have liked.

The company that i have started with is an It and Digital media Solution company. Where to experiment more in digital media market i have started with my own magazine called as With my 6 years of experience i thought to get all my freelancers clients in a very proper manner.

So i started searching for people who are talented but are not paid for their skills. I have a very good branding experience (Online as well as Offline). And one of the beneficial thing is that i have a good Designing as Well as Developing experience. (I use to work at IBM as an Associated Software Engg).

My aim with my company is not clients at the first stage. I want to create my own brand online and that's the reason why i have planned 3 magazine before 2015. I have that expertise to create and develope a magazine, brand or any individual through online as well as off line media .

Indian's were always there in the tech Scene worldwide, but were never into the picture. This thing will definitely bring a big change in the IT industry in India.

yes @jethroTulli. I am an entrepreneur in India. I have Started with my new IT and Digital Media Solution Company.

I have one from Goqii and i am still waiting for their new update.

I personally believe that these kind of wearable gadgets is one of the best way to monitor your health in the busy world.

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