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I'd have to say some soft wheat bread, peanut butter, and strawberry jam or preserves. And milk.

When you don't know what to eat, a good sammich can usually suffice.

Except that on second reading, I think the person is indicating that in conversations about race, Black people often have to hasten to reassure (white) people that they aren't talking about every single white person, which should go without saying. That, I agree with. I misread.

Your tone doesn't really invite discussion, nor are you facilitating discussion with your points. You seem as if you're looking for reasons to fight, not discuss, and you're not even fighting very eloquently. And by the way, I'm a Black person, and quite far left.

Hubski seems like a place full of intelligent, thoughtful people. I'd like to think that even on the difficult topics, we could take advantage of that fact and really have interesting discussions, but not if people come in and just try to start shit rather than actually make cogent points and discuss them intelligently.

So, "white people=/=all white people", but every Black person "say[s] that shit"?

"Can't Find My Way Home". Unforgettable song. I'm not sure if it's the song itself for me, or mostly Steve Winwood's voice.

catonrthrndarkness  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Elvis- Suspicious Minds

I love this song.

It doesn't appear to me that mrsamsa assumed that all white people have white-sounding names. mrsamsa implied that they are perceived not to have Black-sounding names.

I used to wear steel-toed boots a lot in my twenties.

A place I used to frequent had bathroom doors that jammed randomly, and people often got trapped inside. I came in one day to find a cluster of people around the door, talking to someone inside.

"Just kick it open." I suggested. For some reason, people had misgivings about doing so. So I volunteered, and with one well-placed kick of my big ol' boot, I kicked the door nearly off of its hinges.

Much more metal achievements than this, I'm sure, but it's a small and fond memory for me. :-)

I really enjoyed that article! Thanks!

I grew up with "Find a penny, pick it up . . ." Rather than altruism, perhaps it's that motivating my current practice. lol

If I'm understanding the op correctly, we can share either questionable/gross (in the eyes of others) things we do when no one is looking, or the things we do when no one is watching that others may only do when they stand the chance of receiving a beam of approval from someone else. I've got plenty of the former, but I'm going to buck the trend and report one of the latter as well:

I always pick up pennies I find on the street. The only reason I wouldn't would be if it was embedded in a chunk of dog shit or some other distasteful variety of curb flotsam. It's a symbolic gesture, for me, of my determination to live simply and frugally, and an acknowledgement (two second meditation?) that to some people in some parts of the world, a penny is a lot of money.

catonrthrndarkness  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Return to Auschwitz

'You are my note, you are my candle... that you're going back there to Auschwitz as an officer in the Israeli Defence Force (IDF), walking into this hell, this is the note this is the candle for me, that means that I won, they wanted to kill me, they wanted to kill my family, but my family still lives.