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Maybe it went over my head, as I did only skim the article, but it didn't seem sarcastic to me. It makes sense they'd take the time to answer them, as now the people that may be tempted to ask the questions in the future already have the answers and can share that information. In my eyes, it's almost like an FAQ. Those 8 irritating, commonly asked questions are now in one convenient place with relatively detailed answers.

I've also had to put down a few pets over the years, and I know the pain all to well at this point. I agree that it's much easier to give them a relatively painless death than to watch them suffer. It makes no sense to delay the inevitable when there are, what I consider to be more humane options available.

I'm not entirely sure whether it's a case of people treating pets with more dignity than humans though. I always thought that people held human lives more highly than pet's lives. It seems that we have no right to "play God" and end a human life in the way we would for our pets, even if it's for the right reasons. I can't comprehend why this seems to be the case, but that's how I've had it explained to me over the years.

I'm not entirely sure how muting works, but I think it would be a case of the OP muting you, so you're unable to comment on their threads. I'm not sure what you could've possibly said to warrant being muted, but I wouldn't worry about it. It's just a couple of threads that you won't be able to post in. It shouldn't become too much of an issue.

I'd suggest you don't create threads about being muted though. It's just going to irritate more users, lead to being muted again, and probably ruin the experience of Hubski for you (if that hasn't happened already.)