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That sounds really interesting! I'd love to go to something like that.

I think zombies fall more into the realm of disasters or pandemics and stuff like that. Like, stuff about zombies seems to be more focused on the survivors and how they deal with the collapse of society rather than the ~mindset of the zombie.

What? Really? I loved that book!

I guess I should say that I'm personally really quite into supernatural stuff, but zombies come at the very bottom of the list because they don't really have a motivation, if that makes sense? So I'm actually not that much of an authority on zombie books..

BUT WORLD WAR Z WAS SO GOOD! Did you really not like the way it was written? I thought it was a fantastic way to do it! Like I said, zombies themselves can get quite boring and I thought taking the thing from a fake sociological perspective is genius. You get the benefit of having a variety of different perspectives - which makes the whole thing a lot more real in the 'it could happen to me' way, and the way that he examined each country/society individually is brilliant - he obviously did a ton of research and it really paid off. I thought the bit about NK was fucking chilling!

I'd go for a Chomp to be honest. Curly Wurlys are just stretched out Chomps with holes!

Oh no, this is another open letter by Amanda Palmer (she's a musician, she does her own solo stuff and she was part of The Dresden Dolls) in response to Sinead's open letter. :)

I thought it was worth a read!

Yeah, I just saw that, I'm with you. Making fun of her problems with mental illness is a low blow. She was genuinely trying to reach out to her! Not on, Miley.

I do think its interesting though how both women assume totally different sides of how much involvement Miley really has in crafting this image. I would lean towards Amanda's interpretation personally, I'm only getting it from stuff like this though:

and I could be wrong, but it does seem like she has a lot more agency over this type of stuff than Sinead gives her credit for.

Sure, she's playing for the male gaze, but she's going to be judged through it whatever she does y'know? And sure, she doesn't really understand the implications of her actions (which are huge) but I think the point Amanda is getting at is that its a problem whenever anybody starts trying to police what another is doing - even if it's coming from a good place.

I think its way less insidious than Sinead implies, its less a board room of evil media moguls and more that Miley is a normal 20 year old girl who is immersed in this culture, who has a lot of freedom, money and drugs. She just wants to join in.

I think the idea is that what we should be working towards is her freedom to choose whether to lick the sledgehammer or not, and for her to do it on her own terms, rather than condemning sledgehammer licking altogether.

Oh. It was working a minute ago, oops. I should've checked!

I'm getting a 404 when I try to access her blog in general though, maybe it'll return? Or should I delete? I'm not sure of the etiquette here, I'm new. :)

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Yeah! I'm pretty excited to be honest. It feels a lot more like the boards/forums I used to go on years ago, moreso than reddit anyway, or even a bit like livejournal? Idk though, I shouldn't be making comparisons... I should judge it on its own merits. Things are looking positive though! :)

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I'm disappointed for some reason that the second 'ireland' doesn't link to a a picture of Ireland.

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I feel like the 'following' and the tagging system will maybe make it similar to tumblr in a way, where it's much easier to get to know people on a person to person basis.