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I posted this elsewhere - some possible scenarios facing Greece now. I think whatever happens, a certain amount of chaos is inevitable. I read a statistic that had the probability of the grexit at 75 percent, so that looks likely - and I think it's fair to say that that scenario would have a massive destabilising effect on the EU. Well done for standing up to austerity, people of Greece - I hope there'll be a better future for you as a result.

I agree - but the question is how, exactly, does Greece get into gear? I saw something that had a grexit at 75 percent probability - all just speculation of course - but if Greece did exit and they shifted to the Left, as in this scenario from the link -

    The final scenario is Plan B with an actual plan. It is in some ways the riskiest but, given the other options, remains the most promising for Greek development and justice. Here, No wins, Greece exits, be it negotiated or unilateral, and there is a massive push to the left: nationalization of key sectors, notably the banking sector; the possible introduction of a parallel currency; restricted foreign exchange; imports of basic goods from allies; some kind of ration, however chaotic; a potential blockade of ports to begin disciplining Greek tankers, at the very least.

- that would be incredibly interesting, and I'd love to see it happen if it was successful, as it seems like the best way forward for the Greek people, and would send a strong message. That said, I'm sure the practicalities of the above would ensure a fair amount of chaos, and most Greek people do want to stay in the EU...

It seems like more negotiations and dealings will be forthcoming, in any case.

I'm really struggling to get my head around all the potential implications and ramifications, but the No vote can only be seen as an important strike against austerity.

abiathaswelter  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: What is your favourite mug?

Mine is a plain red one with #banging written across it. Banging, in this case, being intended to mean as it does in the top definition here. Ironically, of course - what do you take me for?

Which was fine, until my Mum saw it and interpreted it rather differently - as per the second definition in the link above. She's still puzzled as to why I'd have a mug celebrating the raw fact of sex, and probably now thinks I am overcompensating...

I can get on board with this more that I can with #sadboys for sure

Mainly, I wanted to be able to fix it when it went wrong! I thought building one would ensure that when bits went wrong I'd know exactly how to make it right. It certainly wasn't profitable. Even buying all the parts second hand, I spent about £250 on a bike that I could probably only sell for £200 if I'm lucky! No regrets though - learnt a lot, can fix it with my eyes closed now and got a great sense of achievement from the project! Plus - the tools I bought as part of the budget will continue to come in handy.

Here in the UK, the Lake District is an incredibly beautiful part of the world. The peaks and crags outshine anything else I've seen on our shores, there are loads of fells to be conquered, and there's very good pubs and beer in the mix too! Had a great couple of days there last week. I'd recommend it wholeheartedly to any visitors!

Built a bike for the commute to Uni in London a couple of years ago. Best thing I ever did, lovely ride along the canal is a perfect way to start the day! Have seen an increasing amount of the monowheels around. They look like fun!

Some of Japan's football has been great to watch during the tournament - movement and passing has been really impressive. Hope they take it on account of that! Kick off is a bit late here, but I'll catch the highlights tomorrow.

A great show of anti-austerity spirit from the Greek people amidst incredible uncertainty.