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This seems interesting! Is it right that Andrzej Sapkowski is one of the authors?

I read some of the books by Andrzej Sapkowski, the book series which the famous "The Witcher" games are based on. I heard they are based a lot on Polish Folklore, and it left me craving for more. I said European because it really doesn't matter to me, since I will probably want to read most of it. Thanks for the reply!

Wow, there was a lot of them! Thanks for the reply!

Haha, funny you should say that. Campbell is why I wanted to know more about this. I read much about The Hero with a Thousand Faces online and ordered the book from amazon last week.

It most certainly was! Yes, Cuphead is designed like the old arcade games where you die all the time and have to pump in money to play more. I mostly liked the artstyle and music, as I'm not very good at keeping alive. For Doom I just hope it will deliver on what they promised, so it won't just feel like another FPS. I'm also looking forward to see how it will compare to Shadow Warrior 2,as they are roughly the same genrewith the same goal. I also didn't like the animation whenever you used the chainsaw to cut down enemies. Looked like it would get pretty infuriating to watch over and over, but I hope it was just to show off some awesome gore and executions during the Demo!

So many games to look forward to after E3! I made a long list of games that got my attention or IP's that have given me lots of enjoyment before. There were a lot of new IP's i've never heard of before E3 this year, and most of them seems kinda interesting. The game that is on top of my list, simply because of the passion from the developers and an heartwarming presentation at E3, is Unravel. It is a really cute puzzle platformer which looks both gorgeous and interesting. My second game would be either Cuphead or Firewatch. Cuphead looks amazing with its old-timey cartoon style, and its arcade gameplay. Other than these games, there's the new Doom, Fallout, and Dishonored, from E3. I have many more, but I'm still curious to more from them. Last but not least, I want to say "Yooka-Laylee" from Playtonic, a company formed by former Rare members. It's the spirutual successor to Banjo-Kazooie, and I can't even begin to describe how much I want it!