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Biggest known prime number.

Also this tool to suggest a linux distro.

So, are Facebook and Google also banned in Russia? Seriously, I get that people are concerned about privacy in Windows 10, but the criticism has been heavily lopsided towards Microsoft lately.

I'm actually curious to see how messed up my website looks on IE6.


Microsoft sends your search query to bing when you search bing (with a Machine ID)

Microsoft sends a ping to " and" when you connect to a new network (to see if the network is active)

Microsoft sends data to the OneDrive server (even if OneDrive is disabled)

Microsoft sends data to a content delivery system (bypassing your proxy), to which Microsoft claims, "updates may be delivered to provide ongoing new features to Bing search, such as new visual layouts, styles and search code. No query or search usage data is sent to Microsoft, in accordance with the customer's chosen privacy settings."

Metaheuristics search a problem space to find an exact solution (total plane tiling). In order to search that space, they need direction. The "almost plane tiling" is the direction. You said it would be difficult for a genetic algorithm to find a solution because the set of solutions is very small, but that's missing the point of a metaheuristic.

It's the difference between climbing a hill and a cliff. Either way the goal is at the top, but the hill is easier to get up.

Funny thing is, at least in my experience (as a web developer), IE 11 had fewer issues than Edge.

You just need to provide a gradient for the search space. Something like inverse of average gap between tiles. This is standard for any metaheuristic search (of which genetic algorithms are a sub-category), so I wouldn't call it "doing something clever".

Now may not be the best time to mention I'm also working on a semi-intelligent crawler (non-virus) bot.

Can your program have non-volatile memory? I'd be interested in setting up a learning AI for this game, but it would need memory that isn't easily wiped.

Magnnus  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: How To Stop Windows 10's Spying Ads

It's easy to say "don't use Windows", but the reality is most applications only support Windows. For most people, it's not an option.

    Last year this graph went around the internet, showing how the number of women programmers began to drop off in the mid-80s

    I was recently struck by a vague correlation: that's around the time we stopped programming in assembly!

    Perhaps it's not accidental that that was when the demographics started to shift at the top of the funnel? Perhaps there was something about high-level languages that added an extra layer of complexity early on, and made programming harder to learn.

Is it just me, or is he implying that there are less women in computer science because it's too hard for them? He's also implying that high level languages were harder to learn than assembly, but that's a whole nother issue...

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