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Joghurt  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Please Put OpenSSL Out of Its Misery

I'm not so sure what is considered here to be a proper talk and what is a pointless mumble, nevertheless here are my thoughts on this topic:

Whenever the talk is about open-source, what makes it bad is also what makes it paradoxically good. For that you see, open-source is inherintly a chaotic consept. Free code, limitless amount of volunteers, yet questionable skill of mentioned individuals. The problems are nearly identical in nearly all projects is that people sometimes spend an unreasonable amount of time trying to band-aid an already "patched" software. Although, in hands of clever core developers, pure genious that is git or similar, and undeniably some luck, some masterpieces can be created (though some might say I'm being overly fanatic).

Unfortunately it seems that OpenSSL outdid its welcome. Whenever you start to hear that there is a ludicrous amount of bugs, then clearly some gnome is no longer magically keeping the garden intact; people have lost the enthusiasm. At some point, perhaps, the project had went in the wrong direction, hence experts foreshadowing its demise, or it could have been unexpected and unpleasant surprise for everyone (latter being pretty unlikely for this particular case).

While its stupendous to state that the project will revive itself, some things can be mentioned for certain. For one, it's natural for any given project to become extinct. It is not possible for us to know for certain that something will exist indefinitly, but at the very least, the consept, the idea will live on. Of course, just like any creation, it's sad to see its beating heart to stop, especially for its creator; mistakes are to be learned from and to be improved upon. I am more than excited to see what could possibly come out as a successor. Only time will tell.

So in conclusion, OpenSSL is a good idea which went without a clear guidance - a path proven so many times to fail. But most definitly, it's not the time to say that Linux lost SSL support. And when the time will come, "From the ashes, phoenix will rise!"