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Damn it. I want Tesla to succeed. But if this is straight dope, then they deserve to die. My car is old tech. Quaint. Buggy whip.

But I can park it for a month, even after driving it hard, and not worry about turning itself into a paperweight. That is simply fucking inexcusable. Either use a power supply that doesn't care if it's discharged, or make it so that it can't get fully discharged. Solarpanel, an emregency capacitor, a goldern anti-brick fuel cell, something, anything. Cuz this is as stupid as a battery operated device with a big high current lamp that comes on to let you know when you've turned the power off. I guess I'll hold out the hope that this is anti-tesla agitprop until further notice. It ain't like I have to worry about it personally...

Jay  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: What’s Nasa Ever Done For Us? A Report
It's pretty much the only government program that's paid dividends. too bad they didn't have a better PR hack 30 years ago.
Jay  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Get your survivalism on for $59k
The good--it's a hard impossible to burn secure site with a spring. The Bad -- It's in Arkansas....
Jay  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: NYPD developing drive-by gun scans.
I'd say something like "oh there's no chance this'll get msused" but using this crap as they intend to is misuse from the start, sooooo....
Jay  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Why 3D Printing will go the way of VR
I think it basically comes down to having insufficient knowledge or appreciation of the entire manufacturing process, just like the pushers of the "information economy". Just cuz it's old don't make it simple, or primitive, or able to be bested by software and any manner of hardware that plugs into a 110v wall socket. Some processes simply require more energy that you can get outta yer wall socket, yo. Moore's Law just doesn't apply here.
Jay  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Apple's greedy and evil license
Claiming rights to the output you make on thier software. Wow. Just wow. So they think that by using thier crap program, that makes you an employee of the company, where they own your output made on company time and resources. Let's see if they stick that clause in the eula for macbooks and ipads... and they call Microsoft evil?
Bogus, man. "To get to the other side" wasn't even mentioned...
Did you show me this guy, or did I show you, or neither? In any case his page is one o' my favorite links.
Jay  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: The biggest I've ever fired is a 6.
heh... I just get paid to set 'em up and light 'em off, no need for me to look at invoices. However, the smallish (hand-fired, not electric shot by computer) show we've been doing the last many July 4th's is around 15 to 17k worth of lights in the sky and noises, around 4 to 500 3" to 5" shells. I'd love to go with bigger stuff but there are minimum distance requirements and the site in question can't legally accomodate anything bigger than 5" shells for that reason. Last time I checked a typical single break 6" Chinese shell was around ten bucks. A 10" carton of 4 can be had for around 30 but that's a 100carton min. order. Not that it matters. You can't just go online and buy this stuff. 1.3g display fireworks is regulated more than somewhat. My (state issued) license lets me set up and shoot 'em, but does not let me buy 'em or make 'em, and I have to have a CDL to transport the stuff to the display site. Geeze getting on 30 years I've been doing this and hain't gotten bored of it yet! DHS and other such entities are making things more difficult with no other real effects, but it's still fun, and I'll keep doing fireworks displays till they pry the highway flare from my cold dead fingers...

PS I haven't been able to find out how much this 4 footer costs, but I did find that it weighs 450 kilos... holy crap. The info I had on how much lifter charge is needed to get that thing up in the air may be inaccurate... a 6 or 7 lb bag of fff powder. Other sources say more like 50 lb, with lots of wadding twixt the charge and the shell to keep it from coming apart in the gun. In any case, getting 450 kilos ~2700' up in the air on just a black powder explosion has my undying respect.

Jay  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: The biggest I've ever fired is a 6.
I wonder if they still fire those old school. When those 4 footers first started being made, not all that long ago, they'd lower a 6 lb bag of lifting charge into the mortar, then the shell, and then then a monk with with full regalia of prayer robes and some embers. He'd do a big ol' ritual down in the gun on top of the shell, and they prayerfully get the hell outta Dodge. I'm guessing these days it's an electric squib but I don't wanna underestimate the inscrutableness of the Far East...
yeah, saw that. Whod'a thunk it...
Shit I KNEW that link was gonna point to the idiiot in the Veyron...