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Interesting in understanding all sides in all stories/Knowing all that I can.

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Question: Are you a creationist? I don't want to step on your beliefs so please let me know.

How do you know that the advancements we have made are not a form of evolution? Take some microbe for example; lets say that some archaeon is doing well by itself or within its community when all the sudden it picks up the ability to ferment lactose (maybe through horizontal gene transfer (spreading of ideas...)). Should it not use its new found mechanisms for survival? The tools that humanity acquires to sustain itself should be used because it is just another gift of our intellect/ability to adapt to our environment

By saying that well financed athletes can take advantage of technical enhancements, you imply that the sport is not about your ability in that sport but your overall status/wealth in life. I disagree and think that how well you can perform in any sport should be about your skill not what you can buy to improve your ability (idealistically). I understand what you mean by saying this, but I think there should be a disconnect (between those who can and those who can't without external help) that does not allow people to buy the gold medal.