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GOP4me  ·  link  ·  parent  ·  post: Why Is Public Nudity Illegal?

Manifest Destiny made the US possible. Praise The Lord.

What is the garbage you hear that sounds like Hitler coming out of Mitt Romneys mouth? I find it ironic that most of my party finds him to be moderate and most dems think he is a radical. He's far from a nazi.

"the Republicans can disenfranchise groups likely to vote Democrat through voter ID laws, ballot shortages, or what-have-you, and enough Republicans are energized and able to get to the polls that Romney wins by a small margin" What proof do you have that this is happening? I would argue that both the Right and the Left are going to do all they can to keep their opponents at home come election day. Both sides will point fingers. May the best candidate win and that candidate is Willard Mitt Romney.

I have friends in Germany that don't think they would vote for Obama. I don't think he has the global reach this cartoon seems to say he has. It is still funny though and i ope that it is correct regarding the country on the left.

This says nothing about the candidate. NON ISSUE.