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Probably Hot Fuzz. It's my go-to movie when I need cheering up. It's just a perfect blend of action and comedy and the build up to the climax is amazing.

A number of writers wanted at least their personal papers destroyed. Kafka, I believe, wanted everything destroyed, as did Virgil.

It's got to be Alien and Aliens. Alien was just a great horror-scifi story: you never saw the alien until the end and it really fostered that trapped feeling.

Aliens has so many great lines and scenes. The pacing was pretty perfect. It's, well I don't know if fun is the right adjective, but it's extremely enjoyable. I rewatch both at least once a year.

You should try to get your hands on some Blake's 7; it's the granddaddy of TV space operas. It might not be the best show out there (it didn't get the budget it really needed), but you can see its influences on the shows like B5 and DS9.