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What's a backend and where would you recommend I start? Basic javascript or python or HTML or what?

Thanks for your time.

Thanks for the links, and I would really appreciate that link list :D

But wouldn't more people be more disposed to finding ways to prevent and/or reverse these ecological meltdowns if they immortal? After all, they're still gonna be around a few hundred years from now and no one wants to live in a shithole.

That book sounds pretty interesting though. Thanks for the recommendation.

Thank you for that insightful comment. While I am rather biased toward the idea of our generation being the first to achieve some form of biological immortality, I would really like to be able to construct a more informed opinion. I'd appreciate a reading list on how far along we are on the path to immortality, i.e. types of life extension technologies, how viable these methods are, what obstacles they have to overcome etc. Funny you should mention Michio Kaku though, cuz it was his Physics of the Future that prompted me to ask this question aha.