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it's still to early to tell, but early/mid Gen Z seem to be millennials but more so

sidenote, Fuck SESTA. it's rare for a bill to be anti-internet and anti-sex worker at once, but they've pulled off

...that's a good point. I mean, I wonder if having dating services built into social media platforms would be useful, but facebook is for boomers and the occasional event organization by younger people (my college's anime club uses it to organise meetings)

I mean, facebook has everything they need to make it happen, but I still don't like facebook so I'm going to stick to other dating sites

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nice to see that the system works

I like the tags idea better too. sometimes I'll have something that's relevant to multiple subreddits and the conversation gets muddled by the division by subreddit.

no. with the rise of electric cars, energy usage will shift from electricity and oil to all electricity. total energy use per capita won't grow too much, but demand for current will rise. also, stuff like heating oil or gas appliances may be replaced with electric too.

at my apartment complex, they have parcel lockers at the mailboxes. it solves that issue

"Yet for some reason people assume that all the heinous shit on Reddit and 4chan are organic." it dates beck farther than we know that Russia cared. if anything, the inorganic effects went as such: Stormfront corrupted 4chan, then 4chan corrupted Reddit

of course, we had video games in both years, so it's independent