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Wouldn't this start be most likely dead at this point? If we're seeing it now, the light we're looking at must be billions years old. I would assume it has gone out long ago but that hasn't reached us yet.

Thanks for the great article.

Oh, I also didn't notice the hyperlink there. Great post, thanks for that!

You're right about the anomaly part, and I really hope what you say holds true in the future. Nevertheless, we won't have a perfect world, but hopefully things will get better.

This is heartening to hear, but when you think about it, isn't it true that the next generation is also likely to get stuck up (and possibly exploit) some social or economic (or political) issue, and 60 years from now we can say the same for them (that they're dying out and everything will be cool)? Or do you think that we're reaching a point where basically everyone is relatively reasonable about everything and society will be overall better?

I feel like you can argue for both, but in the latter's defense, life 50 or 100 years ago was a LOT worse than it is now, for everyone. Perhaps progress really can't be stopped, and maybe we're almost at the "finish" line.

That said, come new technologies and ideas/concepts (such as transhumanism or augmentation), there are likely to be new groups of people that will be persecuted and exploited by our own, supposedly liberal generation.

There's a book about him too.

I'm a high school student though right now I do some free lance web design and video editing work, which is nice as I like both of those things. What I really want to do though is make environment art for games (or just games in general, but that's a big too vague). I'm an aspiring 3d artist and I'd like to specialize in environments because the idea of creating a virtual world out of my imagination that someone else can explore and experience fascinates me. It's quite literally like inviting someone into my mind.

Yeah I noticed that with the title too - I think the editor was just having a messy day, I'm sure he meant most anticipated.

Also, my friends and I were working on a game similar to Dead State, but not turn based. Unfortunately we kind of hit a brick wall when everyone's lives got busy and we haven't had the opportunity to develop, but hopefully we will get back to it sometime.

YES. I'm from the Ukraine (I live in the US though) but I have some relatives in St. Petersburg. It's such a beautiful city - old, but beautiful. No skyscrapers or anything, but still full of life and young people just as modern as in the US. It's a wonderful place, I love it. And the white nights, oh how I want to witness them.

I'm... I'm sorry

I kind of have to agree with kleinbl00. I don't see why you're taking away this optional user functionality from us. You realize that now people are just going to be searching for tags instead of following them? It's going to be basically the same thing, but with more annoyance to the users.

I think this is an unnecessary change. I get what you're saying about it being contrary to what hubski is about, but if you want tags to go away you'd have to remove them completely. I'm willing to bet that most new users are going to be making threads over and over about where the follow tag functionality is, since you can just search for them.

I hope you will reconsider this. It really didn't change all that much since the search is still available, but now it's just more tedious. If you really think tags are going to ruin hubski, then remove them entirely (but then I'll probably lose a lot of interest in the site, as will some others I reckon).

Just my two cents.

ESO is really nothing special in my opinion, they're just rehashing the WoW formula and slapping the Elder Scrolls name on it.

Also, Zigfrak looks really cool, albeit a strange name. I'm downloading the demo now to check it out.

Ah, yeah, understood. Well again, I think this won't be so much a problem because of Hubski's emphasis on following users and tags. Guess we'll see how things will turn out!