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ARS  ·  1695 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: Scott Adams: Human Rights for Robots

Small rant about Artificial intelligence ......

If we create something as smart as ourselves, we will be forced to kill it, control it, or be killed by it. Any somewhat intelligent machine would quickly understand what kind of plague the human species is, and in a fight for its own survival, destroy us. Otherwise we would be forced to enslave intelligent creatures, which is horrible in its own right. I know Stephen Hawking has similar views on A.I. and robotics, so at least I share my soapbox with someone much smarter than myself!


ARS  ·  1695 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: David Graeber: Dickheads: The paradox of the necktie resolved

There is no genetic component regulating how an individual reacts to people in suits, but there is still some merit in the idea. Some individuals are more suggestible than others (google "Suggestibility personality trait") and may be more influenced by individuals in positions of power than others.

In western culture, a person in a suit is normally someone who is important because of their knowledge, power, wealth, ect. This is a stereotype that people have been exposed to from a young age. This is especially true as students typically see teachers who are usually dressed in a more professional manner. Thus, an individual who dresses in a suit may have an easier time convincing others that they have some authority by tapping into this (sub)conscious stereotype.

Also keep in mind the separation of labour: you do not see general laborers dressed in suits, but rather the people in charge of them (management) are usually required to wear more formal work clothing. While I think the division of labour is rather silly in its' modern form, the barrier between those who work with their hands and those that work with their minds is often reflected, in some degree, by the way they dress. This is the result of social, economic, and personal factors which impact all of us, every day.

ARS  ·  1696 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: On "Impostor Syndrome"

I have been playing music for most of my life, and have been playing on stage for just about as long. From solo violin bits at weddings to playing bass guitar with a death metal bands in basements and bars .... I have been through my share of performances.

You need to play because it's fun. If people keep telling you that you are good, great! I always doubt my playing ability, but when I have a general rule that i never believe anyting until I hear it from three different people. Sometimes I play like shit and I have a bunch of people come up and say it sounded great, when I knew I shat the bed. At that point the question becomes what matters more? Your oppinion, or the oppinion of others?

So who do you play music for? yourself, or others? Are you trying to impress yourself with your own music? Good. Then practice until you bleed and dont give a fuck about what other people say because not everyone will like it. Put enough passion into it, and people will be drawn to what ever you do.

Play music for others? Good. talk to people who you trust and who are knowable about music. Practice, until you bleed and respond to your audience. Music is a message, but it is also a translation of your emotions to the audience. The true talent of a musician is to make something that both reflects their passion and translates that passion into a sound that is accessible to others.

Music is probably some combo of both these aspects. So work hard, and play strong.