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Pablo about Kendrick Lamar, who spoke about race the way he liked it (ie pandering to the whites): you, an African, are missing the point about what he's saying! You're wrong about it!

Pablo about Coates, who speaks about race in a way be doesn't like: sarcastically calls him brave, feels like he's being too aggressive, accusatory, and naive.

Someone in the army complaining about aggression


But don't mind me, just watching this bullshit website struggle to walk its way through racial conversations in a room without a single minority. It's hilarious that this is what I see whenever I pull it up buuuuut

Considering you keep feeling the fucking need to bring this website that I had forgotten about until two weeks ago up, yeah I guess not. YA GOT ME.

If I can save someone else from "we're TOTALLY not Reddit except when it comes to issues on race then we're Reddit-lite" I will, but I won't be sticking around.

Also, Rachel Dolezal is a snake, you fucking idiot. I figured defending Elvis (who I'll add I don't think is that bad) would top the list of whiny, victimy shit I saw in this thread but holy god damn on a platter, what she did is literally something your pale ass will never understand


there's nothing for you here