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comment by i_am_minthe
i_am_minthe  ·  3039 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: Any nootropic users here on Hubski?

It was a good four years ago that i tried Huperzine-A, and yes i did like it although my memory is a bit shady. Very cerebral, much what i would imagine piracetam would be like, if you can secure a cheap source, i say go for it. I don't remember having any negative side effects really, other than feeling more in my mind and a slight dulling of emotions.

If it wasn't for the tolerance of phenibut, I might be tempted to introduce it as a regular thing for myself, but yes, that sluggish sick feeling, and the aftermath of my brain being a bit grumpy because its gaba receptors aren't being stimulated from the phen.

I take it green tea has a less than optimal l-theanine/caffeine ratio?

That sounds like an excellent deal regarding the piracetam/choline mixture. Might I ask what regimen you are on in regards to all nootropics?

Pharnaces  ·  3039 days ago  ·  link  ·  

Sweet, I'll look into giving Huperzine-A a shot sometime soon.

The first time I felt that really weird phenibut "drunkenness" I thought I just hadn't taken enough, so I took another gram and ended up sleeping for 20 hours straight. I woke up at one point and managed to crawl halfway to the bathroom before falling asleep on the floor. Very powerful stuff.

    I take it green tea has a less than optimal l-theanine/caffeine ratio?

Exactly. Black tea is actually better for the l-theanine/caffeine benefits because it's 20mg/14-61mg vs 5-46mg/14-61, where the ranges are highly dependent on the conditions in which the green tea were grown.

You normally want a 4:1 theanine:caffeine ratio, so 800mg of l-theanine for your standard 200mg caffeine pill.

My current regimen:

  2400mg piracetam 3x/day

  400mg choline bitartrate 1x/day

  400mg inositol 1x/day

  800mg l-theanine with 200mg caffeine 3x/day
if I take phenibut I don't take the l-theanine+caffeine combo, because all that happens is that they cancel each other out.
i_am_minthe  ·  3038 days ago  ·  link  ·  

Sounds like you've quite a regimen. Thank you for the info regarding the black-tea/green-tea theanine/caffeine ratios.

Might I ask your experience with inosital? I haven't heard much about that?

Pharnaces  ·  3038 days ago  ·  link  ·  

No problem!

I have no idea what inositol is or what it does, it was just in the cheapest Amazon Prime serviced choline bitartrate on Amazon. I've heard about other people taking it on r/nootropics, though.