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Pharnaces  ·  3082 days ago  ·  link  ·    ·  parent  ·  post: Any nootropic users here on Hubski?

Sweet, I'll look into giving Huperzine-A a shot sometime soon.

The first time I felt that really weird phenibut "drunkenness" I thought I just hadn't taken enough, so I took another gram and ended up sleeping for 20 hours straight. I woke up at one point and managed to crawl halfway to the bathroom before falling asleep on the floor. Very powerful stuff.

    I take it green tea has a less than optimal l-theanine/caffeine ratio?

Exactly. Black tea is actually better for the l-theanine/caffeine benefits because it's 20mg/14-61mg vs 5-46mg/14-61, where the ranges are highly dependent on the conditions in which the green tea were grown.

You normally want a 4:1 theanine:caffeine ratio, so 800mg of l-theanine for your standard 200mg caffeine pill.

My current regimen:

  2400mg piracetam 3x/day

  400mg choline bitartrate 1x/day

  400mg inositol 1x/day

  800mg l-theanine with 200mg caffeine 3x/day
if I take phenibut I don't take the l-theanine+caffeine combo, because all that happens is that they cancel each other out.